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English Study Guide


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who is Titania
the queen of fairies
what is the setting of Act I, scene ii?
the woods
who did Demetrius love?
why do all the players run from Bottom as Pyramus?
His head looks like an ass
who does hermia love?
Hermia loves Lysander
what is a metaphor
a comparison between to unlike objects without like or as
why have the fairies come to this wood?
to bless the couples at the wedding
what is forshadowing?
a clue that may reveal a little of what may happen later in the novel or play
who is King Oberon?
the king of fairies
why does hermia refuse to sleep next to Lysander?
they aren't married
what is personification?
Personification is a literary device that grants lifelikequalities to inanimate objects
what is the setting of Act I, scene i?
the Palace of Theseus
why does Egeus, Hermia's father, dislike Lysander?
Lysander is less mature and good enough for Hermia in his opinion
why is hermia expected to marry Demetrius against her wishes?
Hermia's father doesn't like Lysander, but likes Demetrius much more
who is Egeus?
Hermia's father
Why does Helena envy her friend Hermia?
Hermia does things to make Demetrius love her.
what is a simile?
a comparison in which tow unlike objects are stated directly using the words 'like' or 'as'
what does Titania mean when she says, " these are the forgeries of jealousy"
the lies of jealousy
who does Helena love?
why does Helen think that Lysander is ridiculing her?
because it was evident that Lysander loved Hermia and now Helena thinks that he is making fun of her because no one loves her
what is an aside?
a line or a short speech spoken by one character in a play when other actors are on stage. it assumes that the other actors cannot hear them
what is the setting in Act II?
it is night time and it is in the woods
can men and woman play in the theatre?
only men
who is Puck
the main servant of King and Queen of Fairies
why does titania fall in love with Bottom?
Bottom is the first person she sees and she had the flower juice placed in her eyes
why do Bottom, Snout, and Starveling want Quince to write a prologue for their play?
they don't want the ladies in the audience to think that they are actually dying
what does this play reveal about the nature of love?
love is irrational
what does Puck mean when he threatens to become an actor in the play that is rehearsing in the woods?
if they suck at acting, he'll help them and be an actor too.
how does the act of Hermia not sleeping next to Lysander serve the purpose of the plot?
Puck drops the juice from the flower in Lysander's eyes not Demetrius's eyes
who is Hyppolyta?
queen of the amazons; the dukes wife to be
Why does Lysander propose to meet Hermia in the middle of the wood?
because it is remote from Athens where the law doesn't exist so they can runaway together
why does she decide to thwart Hermia's plan to escape her fathers law?
So demetrius will love her again
How does Bottom make a nuisance of himself at the meeting?
he says he can play every single part
what is a pun?
a pun is a play on words in which two different meanings for the same words, or two words that sound the same, are used humorousely
what important event do the opening lines of the play forecast?
A wedding for Theseus and Hyppolyta
who does Demetrius love?
Demetrius loves hermia
Do you agree with Lysander that "the course of true love never did run smooth."?
there is most likely going to be something in the way of true love
how does King Oberon plan his revenge on Titania?
putting the juice from the special flower in her eyes making it so the next living thing she sees she enamores it
How does Act I convey the theme that love is irrational?
the love quadrangle and risking death for love
what dramatic and thematic purposes do you think are served by having both the lovers and the craftsmen agree to meet the next night in the woods?
the plots tie together
why do you think magical events are made to happen in the woods and not in the court?
the woods is the home to the fairies and there are no laws in the woods
who is Theseus?
the duke
in the time of when the play was written, what can be said about women?
they didn't usually get to make a lot of choices
in Act 1, scene ii, what is happening and how is the play written?
the craftsmen are casting for the play Pyramus & Thisby and it is written like a script
who does Lysander love?
Lysander loves Hermia

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