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implied mission
something within your area of responsibility that you decide needs to happen and for which you develop a plan of action on your own
what is integrity?
do what's right-legally and morally
reverse planning
ask yourself where you want to end up and work backwards from there
what are the 3 key attributes?
mental, physical, and emotional
a man-made feature that fills a low area
black indicates...
cultural man-made features such as buildings, railroads, and roads
brown indicates...
cultivated land
small valley
what is honor?
live up to the army values
technical skills include...
knowing and operating equipment
angular relationships between grid north, true north, or magnetice north
red and brown indicates...
cultural features such as major roads, relief features, and contour lines
back azimuth
opp direction to your azimuth
true north
a line from any point on the earth's surface to the north pole
a groove in the land, usually formed by stream or river
short ridge
what is respect?
treat ppl as they should be treated
grid north
the north that is established using the vertical grid lines on a map
vertical or near-vertical feature
what are the minor terrain features?
draws, spurs, and cliffs
a sinkholr, a pit, or low point in ground
what are the 7 core army values?
loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage
a person's fundamental qualities and characteristics
conceptual skills include...
critical and ethical reasoning and creativr and reflective thinking
blue indicates...
grid azimuth
angle between the line and grid north
horizontal angle between a reference direction and the line to an observed point
red indicates...
on older maps-populated area, main roads, and boundaries
the central ideathat form the foundation of your character and guide your decision making and behavior
what are the 4 army leadership skills?
interpersonal, conceptual, technical, and tactical
sloping line of high ground
g-m angle
the angular distance between grid north and magnetic north
interpersonal skills include...
communicating, supervising, and counseling
what is personal courage?
face fear, danger, or adversity-physical or moral
what does influencing include...
communicating, decision making, and motivating
what are the 3 main leader actions?
influencing, operating, and improving
green indicates...
what are mental attributes?
your intellectual capacity and stamina. include will, self-discipline, initiative, judgement, self-confidence, and cultural awareness.
a dip between two areas of higher ground
man-made feature that cuts through raised ground
what are the 3 base directions or azimuths?
true, grid, and magnetic
what are emotional attributes?
include balance, stability, and self-control
magnetic north
the direction to the north magnetic pole, as indicated by the north
what is selfless service?
put the welfare of the nation, the army, and subordinates before your own
warning order
advance notice of task or mission
an area of high ground
what are physical attributes?
include strength, health, and ability to perform in demanding situations
what does operating include...
plan/prep, executing, and assessing
the skills a soldier needs to live in the field
who you are, demonstrated in what you do
what is loyalty?
bear true faith and allegiance to the u.s. constitution, the army, your unit, and other soldiers
the art of employing resources to win battleas
what are the major terrain features?
hills, saddles, valleys, ridges, and depressions
what are the supplementary terrain features?
cut and fill
mastery of the basic military knowledge and skills necessary to provide leadership
specified mission
issued by your superior officer or from your higher headquarters
verbal or written feedback from receiver indicating that he or she has understood
what is duty?
fulfill your obligations
what does improving include...
developing, building, and learning
direct leadership
face-to-face interaction using interpersonal communication skills to influence soldiers to perform to army standards and to constantly improve

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