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China Quiz Review

Mr. B's China Quiz Review!!


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System to translate Chinese into English during the 1950's Commonly used today
This region has the Yangzi, Han, Xiang, and Gan rivers, the Chao Hu, Dongting and Poyang lakes, rice and fish are the dominate diets, people live aboard boats, white plastered multistoried houses w/ black tiled roofs
The Yangzi (Changjiang Valley)
This region has Earth/adobe houses, Central Asian or Persian-like architecture, wheat noodles and flat, round wheat bread (nan) with mutton dominate the diet, sheep, goats, and horses, extensive areas of sand dunes, high alpine mountains, common transport is by camel and long distance is by bus or truck
Is Chinese literacy rate higher or lower than the US?
lower, 90.9%
What are the three most popular religions in China?
Atheist, Buddhism, and Taoism
Does China spend more or less money on military defense than the US?
Chinese language
Chinese is a pictorial language. Each character represents a whole object, feeling, idea, and action.
Who is the head of state in China?
President Hu Jintao
What is China's primary source of energy production?
Where does China export the most amount of produce? Import?
United States, Japan
This region has Ocean Fishing, Ocean trade, seafood diets, teas are a specialty crop, houses are of brick w/ tilted roofs and large gardens, wealthy merchants construct massive buildings, bridges, etc.
The Southeast Coast
How many ethnicities are there in China?
56 (Han most popular)
What region is Lhasa in?
What is the most important food crop in China?
a particular way of speaking a written language
What is the most dangerous hazard in central China and along the southeast coast?
Earthquakes in central China and tropical storms along the southeast coast
Does China have a trade surplus or a trade deficit?
Trade Surplus
What part of China are you least likely to find highways and why?
Western China because it is mostly farmland and nomads populate the area
System to translate Chinese into English in the late 1800's
What are the three largest cities in China?
Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangdong
This region has Tibetan Buddhism and Monasteries, herding people (sheep and goats), high altitude and cold, even in the summer, clothing is woolen and sheepskin layered, people travel by horse or walk, long-distance travel is by truck
Tibet and Qinghai
Practice their own religion, leader is Dalai Lama, language is related to Indian Sanskirt
This ethnic minority is skilled in agriculture in the dry lands, language is related to Turkish and Arabic, religion of Islam.
Is China's GDP higher or lower than the US?
This region has industry and heavy manufacturing, Commercial agriculture, railroads and superhighways are main transportation, Russian-style architecture diets are dominated by meat and soybean curds
Northeast (Manchuria)
Women practice fancy cloth embroidery, language is related to Sanskirt
What is the largest ethnic group in China?
The Han
What is the official spoken Chinese?
What is the current population of China?
1.3 billion
Which has a bigger population/density, China or US?
What two hemispheres is China in?
Northern and Eastern hemispheres
What is the average life expectancy of Chinese women and men?
71 male, 75 female
What are the two most popular economic activities in China?
Agriculture and Manufacturing Commerce
What is the most popular dialect in China?
What is the capital of China?

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