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Theories of History

different theories and interpretations of history


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geographical interpretation
climate and soil determine the formation of character so the only way to study human social institution is to study the physical environment
Cult of Personality theory
aka Great Man theory;events are motivated by the dynamic forces of great personalities
Arnold Toynbee
philosophical interpretation; this person thinks that history is cyclical and evolutionary;a culture would not die if it responds decisively to challenges
philosophical interpretation
each civilization is a living thing with stages of birth, infancy,childhood,adolescence,maturity,old age and death
political interpretation
history is just a list of chronological events in a succession of dynasties, laws, battles,etc.,consisting of "won vs lost, "good vs evil", or "weak vs strong"
Sigmund Freud
founded the psychohistory/psychoanalytic interpretation;history and social institutions are results of a process of repressing unconscious hostilities that determines one's culture and civilization
Karl Marx
Marxist interpretation;history is determined by economics
Francis Fukayama
"The End of History":Because of the breakup of the Soviet Union,the superpower struggle would end and there would be no need to know historical events
religious interpretation
events are struggle between good and evil,morality and immorality,relationship that humans think exists between them and god that shapes history
Oswald Spengler
philosophical interpretation;this person stated that all civilizations are destined to die after having experienced Spring,Summer,Winter,and Autumn;predicted that by the 23rd century the Western Civilization will be taken over by Russia or China
George Hegal
The Philosophy of History:thesis-antithesis-synthesis
Great Man theory
aka cult of personality;events are motivated by the dynamic forces of great personalities ex. George Washington

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