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History: China 2 Test


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Why was the time after the fall of the Han dynasty called the Age of Division?
Because the north had the non-Chinese and the south had the Chinese
221 BCE
"The most important single date in Chinese history" because it was the year Legalist policies succeeded, defeating their rivals and unifying China.
Why did the system of hereditary succession weaken the Han government during the last decades of the first century BCE?
This was because the emperors were children.
Why were Chinese script, weights, measures, coinage and the axle lengths of carts standardized?
to make it easier for everyone to understand, unification, easy administration
What was a religious of the West?
Christianity was a development of the West like Buddhism of the east
What did Han emperors use the tributary system for?
To confirm China as the center of trade and protection
Why were so many new roads were built at this time?
To make it easier for Qin armies to move fast, like the Roman Empire
a person appointed to rule because the actual ruler is a minor/child.
Two great intellectual achievements of the Han dynasty were...
Sima Qian- major historian, Revived Confucians Classics
What were the advantages of paper over papyrus?
Paper was more cheaper and didn't depend on 1plant source - produced in different places
Why was the principle of hereditary dynasties was stronger in China than in Rome?
Because China did not have republican ideas and the armies did not choose the emperors
How did Gaozu's social status effect his ruling?
He came from a poor family of middle class ànd this put an impact on his governing
What were the trade routes across central Asia?
Silk Roads
How was the Han was similar to the Qin government?
They were both centralized
What is the tributary system?
It was a system developed by Han emperors of giving and receiving gifts to regulate foreign affairs
idea that everyone is equal
How did Greek civilization influenced Buddha?
Buddha was being depicted in human form
Why did the city-states along the Silk Roads not resist the Chinese presence?
Because the Chinese protected them from invaders
Buddhism spread rapidly because
Open to new ideas, Intellectuals liked ideas of nirvana, karma and samara, Attain salvation, United China of non-Chinese and Chinese
What were the most unpopular features of the Qin government that Gaozu removed?
Harsh laws were abolished, Taxes were reduced, Policy of laissez (free trade) faire was adopted to promote economic recovery
How did the use of waterways increase?
By the Qin rulers to build canals that connected rivers
The philosophy adopted by Qin rulers
What was the name of the confederation of the nomadic tribes that was formed in the late third century BCE?
What was the military invention that was perfected during the time of the Handy nasty and that was only to be introduced into Europe centuries later?
The crossbow
The Qin dynasty introduced a thorough census by
Estimate the cost of public works, Tax revenues needed to pay for them, Labor force available for military service
What was the impressive military skill of the nomads that impressed the Chinese?
The skill of shooting arrows on horseback
What did Central Asia consist of?
Persia, India, China
What was the weakness of Shi's methods for governing a vast territory?
It was that the stability of the government depended on the strength and character of the emperor.
What is the difference between Qin/Han religions?
Qin promoted Legalism where Han promoted Confucianism
What were the two most important social developments of the Age of Division?
The spread of Buddhism and the number of people who were not fully free
Shi improved protection from the nomadic Xenon people in the north how?
By building the Great Wall
Why was the two-humped Bactrian camel was good?
Because it had a heavy coat of hair to withstand cold weather and it could carry 500lbs of cargo
How did Shi Huang Di control the officials who administered the newly seized teritory?
By reporting in writing, penalties, regulations and requirements.
What is the main reason that the Chinese emperors chose a centralized bureaucratic form of government?
They could not defend against the nomadic people of the north.
Why was rhe sac of telic tree was so widely used in the production of crockery and carriage parts?
Because it created a hard water-resistant surface
Why did Emperor Wu turn his attention toward central Asia?
To try to find allies and horses
What were the commodities that became monopolies: one group controlling everything?
Iron, salt, liquor and grain
What were 2 techniques that were tried by both the Chinese and the Romans in their fight against the barbarians?
Settling in their conquests and having extra soldiers
The terra cotta figures were built why?
To protect the emperor in his afterlife from the people who he tried to kill
Chinese and Buddhism
The united language and religion of the whole of East Asia during this period

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