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Mrs. Brown history major test

Do you know your philosophies? i sure don't, let this help you so you can ace the test on Thurs. or Fri. Also remember, answer as simply as possible!!!!!


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belief that the soul should upon a person's death comes back to life in a different form
What is the def. of reincarnation?
Why was it important for Chinese people to find a balanced harmony in Yin and Yang?
too much yin or yang would upset the balanced harmony and bring problems to this person.
Why did the peasants support Daoism the most?
they were attracted to Daoism because they cared about nature
What is the name of the founder of Confucianism?
What is Divine Retribution?
belief in a type of heaven
What is the name of the founder of Mohism
What is the def. of nepotism?
favoritism based on family relationships, friends, and associates
Name the 8fold path (right...EVIL SCAM)!!!!
right effort, right views, right intentions, right living, right speech, right concentration, right action, right mindfulness
What is the name of the founder of Buddhism
Siddhartha Gautama
List 2 ways in which fortune tellers attempted to predict the future.
1. read lines in stalks of grain 2. read water currents
Name as many Yin characteristics as you can think of
negative force, feminine in charater, dark, cool, wet, mysterious, secret, submissive, shadows and earth, women
What were the Analects?
the book of his ideas
The Accomplishments under Legalism...
ended warring states, united China, connected Great Wall, STANDARDIZED: taxes, money, writing, weights/measures, size of axels
What is the name of the founder of Legalism?
Hsun Tzu
What is the main principle of Daoism?
go with the flow of nature
What is the def. of aristocracy?
rule of upper class
What was the autocratic government?
where the ruler has absolute power
Name as many Yang characteristics as you can think of.
positive force, masculine in character, active, warm, dry, bright, agressive, sun and heaven, men
li-proper conduct, ren- compassion and respect, xin- trustworthiness, yi- righteousness and honesty, zhi- understanding of himself and knowledge about right and wrong
List the Junzi Code
"perfect peace" frees soul from the cycle of reincarnation
What is the def. of nirvana?
What subculture of people supported Daoism the most?
What is the name of the founder of Daoism
a system in which talented people are rewarded and advanced
What is the def. of meritocracy?

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