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Unit 1 Geographers


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{greek} worked out method 4 determining latitude and longitude by observing star positions
phei hsiu
"father of chinese cartography" made an elaborate map of china
Ferdinand Magellan
Captain of the 1st Voyage around the world
wrote 1st geogrphy book in 510b.c
Ellsworth Huntington
argued that climate was the major determinant of civilization
ad - Idrisi
prepared a world map & geography txt in 1154
{Greek} applied principles of geometry to measuring land area
{greek} argued that the Earth was shaped like a cylinder & made world map based on info 4rm sailors
17 volume 'Geography', a massive production for the statesmen intended to sum up & regularize knowledge of location & place their character & differentiation
Alfred Welgner
Climatologist, studied spacial arrangementof landmasses, used geographical & geological evidence. also Continental drift (plate tectonics)
Juan Sebastian del Cano
Finish the voyage for Magellan
Bernhardus Varenius
published Geographia Generalis
Paul Vidal de la blache
initiated the cultural landscape approach
Freidrich Ratzel
claimed geography was the study of influences of the natural environment on people
Carl ritter
{C} argued that geography should move beyond decribing the Earths surface
Immanuel Kant
(central place theory) divide geography into 6 branches
mercator projection
Carl Sauer
known for cultural landscape {american}
Christopher Columbus
sailed west across the atlantic ocean in 1412 to find sea passages to asia
wrote 8 volume 'Guide to Geogrphy & developed of 8,000 long. & lat. Also wrote 3 diff. ways to for projecting the earth's surface on to a map.
George Perkansand
William Pattison
4 traditions
Ibn battutah
wrote Rihlah based on his journeys through the muslim world for more than 3 decades
Alexander von Humboldt
argued that geography should move beyond decribing the Earths surface
{greek} 1st to demonstrate earth was spherical/ looked at natural processes
Behim Martin
Created a spherical globe depicting the earth in its true 3D form in 1492
{greek} 1st scholar to use the word geography & prepare 1 of the earliest maps of the known world

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