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3 major changes Euro brought to SoE
financed building of roads and railroads
Brunei natural resources
oil and natural gas
Intensive Farming
farming that requires much labor
a violent, rotating windstorm
Similar culture throughout China
Han Dynasty brought unity through the provinces, written language and Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism
Capital of North Korea
Former French colony at was at war with the U.S. in the 60's
Break up of Korean penisula
NoKo raided in 1950 after declaring communist and south held elections with US in 1953 cease fire agreement made w/ demilitarized zone
Convergence Zones
an area of severe storms where the frigid waters circulating around Antarctica meet the warmer water of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans
Martial Law
the law administered during a period of strict military control
the belief that God does not exists
Northwest region is center of China
contains the capital, Beijing, earliest culture hearths, and site where empire spread
Land of the Rising Sun
deep crack in glacial ice
ancient Chinese practice of inserting fine needles at specific body points to cure disease or ease pain
In SoE low islands
coral atolls ring around submerged volcano peaks
lack of similarity
SoE migrants affect culture
Mons, Khmers and others prosper, Indian merchants were attracted to trade.
Autonomous Region
political unit with limited self-government
separates two hostile countries
glorification of the military and readiness for war
irrigated or flooded land on which rice is grown
Living standard in Mongolia improve
1990's state owned buisnesses sold to public, stock exchange open for investors, industries, and urban increase in internet access
person without manners or civilized customs
Artesian Well
well that is drilled deep enough to tap a layer of porous material filled with groundwater
small, shriplike creatures; food for whales and fish
Encourage reunification of NOKO and SOKO
common history and culture that;s thousand years old
local leader with a military following
an increase in the number of something
Euro settlers change environment of Outback
mining and sheep and cattle ranches
location affect development or culture of SoE
made one of worlds greatest geographic crossroads
to surrender one's office, throne, or authority
Sphere of Influence
area or country that is politically and economically dominated by, though not directly governed by, another country
natural hot spring that shoots a column of water and steam into the air
tax imposed by government on imported goods
Provisional Government
a temporary government pending permanent arrangements
one of the original inhabitants of Australia
exemptions from local law
shallow body of water separated from the sea by coral reefs or sandbars
Population of New Zealand
Maori and British
In SoE high islands
peaks of volcanoes
destructive tropical storm that forms over the Pacific Ocean
Encourage agriculture in SoE region of China
fertile soil and warm wet climate
Marketing problems by American film companies in Japan
retail sellers & customers may be loyal to Japanese brand, American companies face difficulties setting up distribution network and local sales teams might discourage competitors
Resources on Antarctica
coal, oil, gold, iron, and scientific information
North Korea physical characteristics
climate is short, cool summers and bitterly cold winters. mountainous and rugged with fast flowing rivers
Prevalent ice on Antarctica
ice sheets, glaciers, pack ice, and ice shelves
Pack Ice
floating sea ice formed by a mix of icebergs with other ice formed in super chilled ocean waters
having similar nature; uniform in structure or quality
Aborigines and the Outback
feel obligated to protect outback and learned to take what needed to survive without destroying it
instrument that measures and records movement in the earth's crust
fixed quantity
Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia recovered from war
(v) prospered because of foreign investment (L and C) turned away from government controlled economy but not as much as V
Natural resources on Pacific islands
SoE adopted influence
Hindu myths and gods, but rejected caste system. Built palaces and temples or Buddhist monastaries
Japan participation in WWII
sided with Nazi party, Pearl Harbor 12/7/41, US dropped two atomic bombs 1945
Governments violence in Tienanmen Square
government firmly believed that people must be kept "in-line" enable to prosper economically
Taiwan become economic power
1949 instituted land-reform program and modernization program
Mao Zedong's rule brought overpopulation
believed power lay in numbers and therefore could never be taken over by outsiders
NOKO and SOKO difficult to reunite
NOKO wants communist gov and SOKO (capitalist state) doesn't want to jeopardize free system of government
Demilitarized Zone
strip of land on which troops or weapons are not allowed
someone who claims to rule by religious or divine authority
Eastern China
various landscapes and climate, density population and economic activity
Four Modernizations
improve agriculture, industry, science and technology, and defense
Major religious influences in SoE
Hindu, Confucianism, and Islam from Indian merchants that brought religious leaders when SoE became prosperous
Ice Shelf
massive extension of glacial ice over the sea
mass migration from a region
Deng Xiaoping controls over population
one couple, one child policy people that abide the policy received special awards like better housing and jobs or pay increases. People that did not faced fines, wage cuts, loss of jobs, and prospect of social dissaproval
Myanmar problems
lacks unity that brought warfare and insurgents = slow economy because of repressive military
Papua New Guinea natural resources
gold and copper ore
Challenge to Indonesia and Phillipines
(I) 13,000 islands w/ 250 languages (P) 7,100 islands w/ 70 languages overpopulation and poverty
person who rebels against his or her government
Hong Kong and China relations uncertain
China is communist government allowing some economic and political freedom. Hong Kong is afraid of communist intervention
Light Industry
production of small consumer goods such as clothing and appliances
Japanese trade reopened in 1853
Commodore Perry from US wit fleet of steam powered war ships
Japan cut off trade in 1639
fear of conquest
native to or living naturally in an area or environment
Japanese unity
language, religion and membership in mid class
Japan builds empire
so they would no longer be at the mercy of foreign nations
Ice affects climate of Antarctica
reflects sun back into space rather than absorbing it, making temperatures frigid
Malaysia natural resources
machinery,transport equipment, oil
Japan 5 factors to rapid economic growth after 1945
highly educated populace, skilled workers w/ productive attitude, government planning, modern factories, global trade patterns
remote, sparsely settled, arid , rural country, especially the central and western plains and plateaus of Australia
Euro affect lives of Aborigines
killed by disease or weapon
Association of South East Asian Nations
Bullet Train
high speed train
Doi Moi
the economic change begun by Vietnam in 1986
in written language, a character or symbol that represents an idea or thing
China reaction to Taiwan Lee Teng-hui
offended by suggestion of Taiwan, a small nation, could teach a large powerful nation how to govern
Fifth Modernization
demanded freedom to improve their life for individuals
Japan occupied by
US until 1952
Koreans adapted Chinese culture
modified Chinese written language and words as well as religion and philosophies
Factors that cause Japan to have variety of climates
Oyshio warms current while monsoons cool air, cold and dry in winter-warm and wet in summer
China Yangzi river is important to SoE region
major East to West transportation route bringing goods and people in and out of interior
Double Cropping
growing more than one crop a year on the same land
Japan's high population density influences culture
effects housing and family life
Trust Territory
dependant colony of territory supervised by another country by commission of the UN
Contract System for farmers conflict with reduce population growth
family benefits by growing more crops, fewer people means fewer workers and opportunity for profit
Singapore natural resources
rubber, wood, and petroleum products
Silk Road encourage developement
way stations developed around oases that later grew into large towns
Western powers divided China into spheres of influence
western powers competed so divided where political and economy control
Influence New Zealand's economy
Maori farmed and fished
to fire an employee in order to reduce costs
Japan's most important physical features
islands, seas, mountains, and volcanoes
Western China
barren, rock, arid, sparse population, herding and farming economy
Great Leap Forward (China)
greatly increase productivity in a short amount of time
China have less influence in SoE
not interested in exporting culture, believed superior to everyone else
South Korea physical characteristics
surrounded by seas and gives subtropical climate, less mountainous than North and has wide, rolling plain. terrains and warmer climate makes it better for agriculture
Groups of SoE great geographic crossroads
India, China, SoW Asia and West
Tibet affected by communist rule
Tibet had a theocracy- designed a policy to destroy ancient culture and designate them an autonomous region
level, narrow ledges

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