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american history semester 1


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bring into the union
those who believed the US should extend across North America
belief that it was fate for the US to reach from the Atlantic to the Pacific
manifest destiny
land set aside by US for Indian tribes
privately built toll roads
populated because of Klondike Gold
Mormons momved here because of religious persecution
Follwed a trail here in the 1830's
The 49ers settled this area
Populated because of copper
a group who watched for slave catchers
vigilance committee
sent by Southerners into Kansas
border ruffians
sending soldiers in to control territory
martial law
believed in anti-slavery
free soldiers
Home Territory
Knew how to ride and shoot
Better Officers
Surrendered to the North
Very successful in the Western Campaign
March to the Sea
President of the Confederacy
Enacted Martial Law
separated races
when the value of the dollar goes down
paper currency used in the North
drafting men for war in the South
conscription law
a pardon
restoring power to native born whites
debtors bound to their creditors
white southerners who cooperated with Republicans
northerners who came for a short time to exploit the south
prohibited slavery
13th amendment
black americans are citizens
14th amendment
right to vote to black males
15th amendment
local merchants loan planting equipment to small farmers; they inflate prices and interest rates-keeps poor farmers in debt
crop lien system
cooperation to fix prices
pooling agreement
created to manage several companies
holding company
combination of companies to stop competition
the only company in an industry
why did the cowboys drive the cattle north
what was the unintentional result of the dawes act
more land given to white settlers
this resulted when the peaceful cheyenne and arapaho were attacked without warning by US militia and killed over 150 native Americans, mostly women and children
Sand creek massacre
where custer attacked before "the signal" and resulted in the death of all his troops
battle of little big horn
which of the following marked the end of the wars between the federal government and the plains indians
the massacre at wounded knee
what was the importance of the dred scott court case
african americans did not have rights because they were not citizens
under popular sovereignty, who would decide whether slavery would be allowed in a territory
the residents of the territory
how was the opening of new territores and states related to the civil war
the balance of free and slavery states in congress would be upset
the civil war happened in what decade
the vast majority of northerners went to war to
save the union
what state was created as a result of the civil war
west virginia
which battle of the war severed ties between england and the south
which was NOT a part of the anaconda plan
attack the capital
what was the aim of "total war" as practiced by shermans march to the sea
bring the war home to the south
tammany hall was the name of
a new york city political machine
what is the main purpose of patronage
to reward one's supporters
which of the following is an example of graft
saying a project cost more than it did and keeping the difference for yourself
why did we acquire Hawaii as a territory
to control the sugar industry
what was the purpose for the john hay's open door notes
to make equal trade for all countries in china
the progressive movement regarded all of the following as worthy goals except
promoting business monopolies
muckrakers were
world war I took place during which decade
which event sparked world war I
the assassination of archduke ferdinand in sarajevo
who was the triple entente
great britain, russia, france
why was wilson disappointed with the treaty of versailles
the treaty failed to address the league of nations
who rejected wilsons fourteen points peace plan
the us senate
why did african americans migrate to northern cities
greater prospects of jobs
what did the teapot dome scandal indicate about harding
he was a poor judge of character
which murder trial was the result of american reaction to the red scare
the sacco and vanzetti trail
what was the unintended result of prohibition
increased organized criminal activity
what was the intent of the immigration laws passed during the 1920's
reducing all immigration
which is the best description of the economy just before the great depression
foreign money problems with uneven income distribution and a banking panic
who made up the bonus army that marched on washington
world war I veterans and their families
what did hoover ask businesses to do voluntarily
maintain wage rates and stabilize employment
what was the overall effect of the new deal
federal government became the principal source of social services
what was the result of the good neighbor policy
improved relations with latin america
what did isolationists fear would be the result of the lend lease act
US involvement in war
what incident led the US to enter WWII
the japanese attack on pearl harbor

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