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Chapter 12


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Wu Zhao
Ruthless rise to power, she was the only woman in China to ever assume the title of "emperor" for herself , made reforms, cut taxes and permitted critiism of government.
Genghis Khan
a Mongol leader who sought to unify the Mongols under his leadership. He accepted this title which means "universal ruler".
in feudal Japan, a supreme military commander who ruled in the name of the emperor
one of the professional warriors who served Japanese feudal lords.
a class of powerful, well-to-do people in China who enjoy a high social status. NOT based on land ownership but on education and civil service!
a native religion of Japan similar to animism. Belief in respect for nature and respect for ancestors.
Pax Mongolica
"Mongol Peace" period from the mid-1200s to the mid-1300's when the Mongols imposed stability and law and order across much of Eurasia
Khmer Empire
a Southeast Asian Empire, centered in what is now Cambodia, that reached its peak of power around A.D. 1200
Movable type
blocks of metal or wood, each bearing a single character, that can be arrangedto make up a page for printing
a member of a nomadic group that herds domesticated animals
Tang Taizong
Tang Emperor who began the Tang Dynasty, ruling from 626-649
A group of people descending from a common ancestor
Angkor Wat
a temple complex built in the Khmer Empire and dedicated to the Hindu God, Vishnu.
Marco Polo
a young Venetian trader who served Kublai Khan's court for 17 years by going to various Chinese cities on government missions. The man who described Kublai Khan to the Europeans
Koryu Dynasty
a dynasty that ruled Korea from A.D. 935 to 1392. Wealth based on rice production.
the strict code of behavior followed by samurai warriors in Japan.This Code is similar to the Code of Chivalry followed by knights in Europe.
Kublai Khan
the grandson of Genghis Khan, who assumed the title "Great Khan" in 1260, Unified China under foreign rule.Began the Yuan Dynasty. Tried to balance Mongol and Chinese ideas.

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