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River Valleys China


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Anyang, one of Shang's many capitals was built mostly of what material?
In China, how old was the average married girl
between 13 and 16
how could a ruler lose the mandate of heaven?
If a ruler was doing something bad...i.e. partying, chasing women, getting drunk... a horrible calamity would happen, killing people, thus implying to the citizens that their ruler had lost the mandate of heaven...then they were overthrown
What were some wartime weapons that were created in China?
Crossbows and Chariots were invented
In China, a Just ruler had divine approval known as what?
The Mandate of heaven
Who was the Shang's main god?
What was the leading craft in China?
What is fertile soil(silt) called?
Where does the most suitable land lie?
Between the two rivers in eastern China
In China, did everyone learn to read and write?
No, only "Noble's" child
Higher classes in Anyang lived in houses made of what?
Timber, clay, and straw
In China, how could women improve their ranks?
Having more children
In China, who controlled the property and made decisions?
The elder men
What is West of China?
Taklimakan Desert
how long have humans lived in China?
A Million years
In China, what were some main crafts?
Weapons, Jewelry, and religious items
Where, and for what was the chariot introduced?
It was used in war in western Asia
Floods were very unpredictable, river was called...
China's Sorrow
Where was the Huang He (Yellow River)?
Northern China
What were some improvements in technology the Zhou made?
They made cast iron, built roads, and coined money
What was one common way that cities protected themselves?
They built walls
What is East of China?
Pacific Ocean
In Chinese, what does each character stand for?
an idea
In China, what were oracle bones used for?
Talking with the gods
Why couldn't China trade?
because of it's boundaries
Who was the first dynasty to keep written records?
The Shang
Who was China's second dynasty?
The Shang
What is Southwest of China?
Himalayan Mountains
What happened when the Huang He flooded?
Deposits huge amounts of yellow silt
Who was the leader of the Xia
Yu->created irrigation and flood-control
Who overthrew the Shang?
the Zhou (pronounced "JO")
When was China's first city built?
2000 B.C.
What is North of China?
Gobi Desert
What does feudalism mean?
An empire is divided up between many different sub-rulers. The sub rulers report to the emperor
What was the Dynastic Cycle?
The rise and fall of different dynasties
Where was the Yangtze?
Southern China
Who was China's first dynasty?
The Xia
What did people of China call there kingdom?
The Middle Kingdom
What allowed cities to grow?
food surplusses
What social classes were there in China?
Nobles and Peasants

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