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East Asia ch.23-24

East Asia ch.23-24 select vocabulary words
GMS 6th grade social studies


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Boxer Rebellion
1900 rebel group fought to get rid of foreigners and Qing Dynasty (they lost)
Great Leap Forward
Mao's program in 1958 to speed economic recovery; collective farming shattered economy instead
Opium War
attack by the British b/c China had taken all British stored opium in Canton
developed a new philosophy in China; taught moral character, responsibility
Chiang Kai-shek
1927-1949 leader of China; nationalist; fought against communist party
wariors in Japan who protected their estates
Sun Yat-sen
wanted democracy; founded Chinese Nationalist Party; 1912 named president after defeating Qing Dynasty
Taiping Rebellion
1854-1868 peasant led 14 year-long rebellion in China; demanded equality, no private propery, dividing of harvest (they lost)
Mao Zedong
1949-1976 communist leader of China; 1934 he led the Long March; 1966 Red Guards
human rights
rights to which every person is entitled
Japan's parliament; chooses prime minister
Cultural Revolution
Mao's movement in 1966 to remove opposition to the communist party; Red Guard punished disagreers
Tiananmen Square
1989 protest against gov't to allow freedom of speech; hundreds killed
Deng Xioping
1977-1992 leader of China; increased trade, farmers own land, reduce police force

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