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US 9 Turn of the Century


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Bully Pulpit
using the presidency to influence legislation
Share cropping
economic form of segregation
Upton Sinclair
author of “The Jungle”
Ida B. Wells
– opposed to lynching
Grandfather clause
– an example of political segregation & discrimination
– site of the Boxer Rebellion
Roosevelt Corollary
– an extension of the Monroe Doctrine
Joseph Pulitzer
– newspaper editor who practiced yellow journalism
– a progressive movement to improve the moral character of the nation
– site of an insurrection that killed thousands of people
William McKinley
– was assassinated before Teddy Roosevelt took office
The Great White Fleet –
symbolized the US as a world power
DeLome letter –
mean spirited letter printed in the newspaper – angered Americans
Seward’s Folly
– Alaska
– made an American protectorate by the Platt Amendment
Teddy Roosevelt won the Nobel prize for negotiating peace between what 2 countries?
Japan & Russia
What territory was under turmoil because of rebellion by sugar and pineapple growers?
W.E.B. Dubois
– black leader believed that a liberal arts education would raise up African Americans
– black leader who believed that technical education was the best way to raise up African Americans
Booker T. Washington
Square Deal
– Teddy Roosevelt’s political agenda
USS Maine
– battleship destroyed in Havanna Harbor
Pure Food and Drug Act
– law that required the truth in product labeling
Pancho Villa
– Mexican rebel who conducted raids into the US
Carry Nation
- prohibition leader known for smashing up bars with a hatchet
What is Imperialism?
Why do countries practice it?

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