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Ch.7 (China)


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Yangtze river
What are the nickname(s) of the Chang Jiang river?
What artists are known for their works of bronze?
silk, spices, tea, porcelain, and rice
What were major trade items on silk road?
he reduced their power
Why did the aristocrats not like Qin?
What are nobles whose wealth came from the land they owned?
Which dynasty had the Mandate of Heaven?
What did Confucius start
filial piety
What is the respect of others in a family called?
Who statred Daoism?
oracle bones
Shang kings used what to get help from the gods.
sprits, gods, and ancestors
Where did the Shang kings believe that they received power and wisdom from?
Qin Shihuangdi; legalism
Who founded the Qin dynasty? What did he base his rule on?
What chinese character represents more than two pictographs?
Liu Bang
Who founded the Han dynasty?
Han Wudi; civil service
Who was the most important ruler in the Han dynasty? What did he set up?
acupuncture, waterwheel,paper, and rudder
Name major inventions of Han dynasty
aristocrats, farmers, and merchants
What are the 3 main social classes?
What chinese character represents one object?
Huang He and Chang Jiang
What are the official names of the two major rivers of China?
Shang and Zhou
What were the two earliest dynasties of ancient China?
What is a line of rulers from the same family?
violence became common
Whathappened to the Zhou dynasty was weakened?
What are appointed officials who are responsible for different areas of government?
Who started Legalism?
Anyang; Shang
What was the name and Dynasty of the first capital city?
Mandate of Heaven
What was the formal order from heaven that gave kings the power to rule and people the right to rebel against the king?
GReat Wall
What was built to keep enemies out of China from Gobi Desert?
he made them build the wall
Why did the farmers not like Qin?
Yellow river and China's Sorrow
What are the nickname(s) of the Huang He river?
Wu Wang
Who rebelled against the Shang dynasty and created the Zhou dynasty?
he burned their writings
Why did the scholars not like Qin?
Qin and Han
Name the 2 dynasties after the Shang and Zhou
war, rebellion, and plots against the king
What 3 things caused the end of the Han dynasty?

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