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Science semester exam


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What topics would a Biologist study?
Living things such as animals, plans, bacteria, fungi and protists
Name the six steps of the scientific method
1) State Problem
2)Gather Information
3)State hypothesis
4)Desighn an expriment
5)Record dt
6)State conclusion
What is a control?
The part of an experiment which is not changed
What is a variable?
The part of an experiment which is changed
Trait of a living thing that helps it live in it's enviornment
Asexual reproduction in which a new organism forms from a ''bud'' on a single parent
Asexual reproduction in which the parent splits in half to form a new organism
Movement of animals from one habitat to another
Gradual change in organisms that occurs when the enviornment is changed
Asexual Reproduction
Reproduction requiring only one parent

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