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People of the Renaissance: Chapter 1, sections 1-2


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Francesco Petrarch
Wrote in Latin and Italian. Italian.
Wrote sonnets. Reintroduced the works of Cicero, Homer and Virgil to the Western civilizations.
Leonardo da Vinci
The "Ideal Renaissance Man". Botanist, anatomist, optician, musician, architect, and engineer. Invented the first cannons, flying machines, and submarines.
Sculptor, engineer, painter. Painted the SISTINE CHAPEL.
Painter, poet, musician. Blended Christian and classical styles. Painted THE SCHOOL OF ATHENS.
Baldassare Castiglione
Wrote THE BOOK OF COURTIER (taught manners and virtues).
Niccolo Machiavelli
Diplomat, studied history. Wrote THE PRINCE (a guide on how to gain power).
"The ends justifies the means."
Albrecht Durer
The "German Leonardo". Painter, engraver. Painted PRAYING HANDS.
Jan and Hubert VanEyck
Belgium (Flemmish).
Invented oil paints. Painted villages.
Pieter Bruegel
Belgium (Flemmish).
Painted peasant life with vibrant colors.
Took ideas and put them to themes of freedom. Very influential.
Peter Paul Rubens
Belgium (Flemmish).
Blended Flemmish realistic tradition and classical themes. Painted enourmous paintings of pagan figures.
Desiderius Erasmus
Holland (Dutch).
Priest and humanist. Produced the Greek version of the New Testament. Called for vernacual Bible translations. Wrote THE PRAISE OF FOLLY (showed the abuses of the Church)
Thomas More
Holland (Dutch).
UTOPIA, pressed for social reform.
Francois Rebelais
Humanist, monk, physician, scholar, author. Wrote GARGANTUA AND PANTAGRUEL, romances, and made fun of education, politicls, and government conformity.
William Shakespeare
Greatest poet and playwrite ever! Wrote 37 plays, including: TWELFTH NIGHT, RICHARD II, ROMEO AND JULIET, MACBETH. Made 1700 new words like bedroom, lonely, generous, gloomy, heartsick, hurry, and sneak.
Miguel de Cervantes
Wrote DON QUIXOTE (made fun of feudal society).
Johann Gutenberg
Invented the printing press and made the first printed Bible.

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