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Basic Military Requirements for CPO #5


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Restriction is the least severe form of deprivation of liberty?
Arrest in quarters may only be imposed on which of the following Navy personnel?
E-1 thru E-9 and W2-W4
Confinement on bread and water has a maximum duration of how many days?
Which of the following punishments is considered the most severe form of NJP?
Reduction in Grade
Under article 15 of the UCMJ, you have how many days to appeal the punishment awarded to you if you feel that it was unjust or disproportionate?
Which of the following terms describes the Navy's recognition that drug and alcohol abuse is incompatible with the Navy's effort to instill pride and professionalism?
Zero tolerance
Why has the Navy taken a firm stand against drug abuse?
Drug abuse undermines combined readiness, Drug abuse is costly in lost man hours and Drug abuse causes a loss of morale and Esprit de Corps
From the list below which is NOT an example of a privelige?
Normal Liberty
Withholding of a privelige rests with which of the following authorities?
The person that grants the privilege
"Authority should be delegated to the lowest level of competence commensurate with the subordinate's assigned responsibility and capabilities" means which of the following people is accountable for the performance of a task?
Petty Officer assigning the task
Your responsibility as a petty officer end when you are on liberty?
When an enlisted person violates a regulation in the presence of both an officer and a petty officer, who is responsible for correcting the violator?
Petty Officer
Except for a major offense, a person should be put on report only as a last resort?
When placing a person on report, you may orally notify the chain of command?
The results of a preliminary inquiry of an alleged offense are given to which person?
Under article 31 of the UCMJ, special caution is cited for which of the following areas?
Preservation of the accused's rights
Who decides which type of court-martial to award?
The pursuit of an environment free from discrimination is an element of leadership?
The Command Managed Equal Opportunity program directs the command to take which of the following actions?
Create and maintain a positive equal opportunity climate with the command, identify and resolve equal opportunity/sexual harassment problems and concerns, Ensure that merit, ability, performance, and potential are the only factors that affect individual promotion, training, duty assignments, and any other action
A command with 250 military personnel must have at least how many command training team (CTT) members?
Which of the following statements concerning Navy Rights and Responsibilities workshops is NOT correct?
Lesson topics for NR&R workshops are locally prepared
Which of the following factors is/are used when gathering command demographic information?
Age, Gender, and Race
What term identifies the port and starboard halves of a yard?
The national ensign is flown from what part of a ship when it is anchored or moored?
What is the additional ship control space used by the squadron commander or admiral called?
Flag bridge
In what part of a ship is main control normally located?
Boiler or machinery space
Ships of the U.S. Navy are divided into how many categories?
How many types of ships are included in the warship category?
What type of ship is the center of a modern naval task force or task group?
Aircraft carrier
Approximately how many aircraft are embarked on Nimitz class Carriers?
What class of cruiser is designated as battle force capable?
What is the principle mission of a destroyer?
Operate offensively against subs and surface ships and Operate defensively against subs and surface ships
What class destroyer represents a return to all steel construction?
Arleigh Burke class
What is not a mission for frigates?
Open ocean escort and patrol
What class of submarines has the quietest operation?
The Ohio class ballistic submarine has how many Trident missile tubes?
What is one of the most reliable indications of a blocked airway?
Inability to speak
You are assisting a person who is choking. What is the first action you should take?
Clear the victim's mouth of any food or foreign objects
What minimum amount of blood loss usually causes a person to go into shock?
2 pints
How is arterial bleeding from a cut near the surface of the skin indicated?
Gushing spurts of bright red blood
To control bleeding, which of the following methods should you try first?
Direct pressure
What is meant by the pressure points in the human body?
A place where the main artery is close to the skin surface and over a bone
If the use of a battle dressing is required, who should loosen/remove it?
Medical personnel
Shock will never be serious enough to cause death?
At which of the following times should you start treatment for shock?
As soon as possible after an injury occurs
What is the basic position for treating shock?
Putting the head lower than the feet
Which of the following Navy personnel are the most frequent victims of suicide?
Males between the ages of 17 to 24 in paygrades E-1 to E-6
When working aloft, you can receive a shock from which of the following pieces of gear?
Ladders, Guy wires and Metal fittings
When working over the side, you must wear which of the following pieces of safety equipment?
Inherently buoyant life jacket
Accidents involving steam usually occur in what working spaces?
Engine rooms and Firerooms

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