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**Why can Mormonism be described as “pushing against the currents of American religion and society”? (3)
-Joseph Smith a Prophet
-Undermined the Bible, and therefore the Constitution
**Who was the most famous and controversial white abolitionist?
William Lloyd Garrison
**The 1840s and 1850s in the United States were characterized by what?
-Technology was high
-They had little medical knowledge
**Which of the following statements best captures the attitude of antebellum Americans about technology?
Technology was, democratic, progressive and from God
**An urban middle-class home in the 1850s would probably not have ________.
Running water
**Compared with the North, the Old South had a higher__________.
Murder rate
**What was the largest group of southern whites in the antebellum period?
Yeoman (nonslaveholding farmers)
**Which of the following is an accurate statement about slave uprisings in the antebellum South?
None of the above
(maybe not on test)
Not bloody
**Southern evangelical churches generally preached against all of the following activities except ______________.
**Presidios were ___________.
Forts by Spaniards in Texas
**The Senate rejected the treaty annexing Texas drawn up by Secretary of State Calhoun because __________.
It allowed slavery
**What were the background causes of the Mexican-American War?
-Mexican gov. owed $2 mil
-Alamo, Goliad
**What did President James K. Polk want from Mexico in 1845 and 1846?
$25 mil
Which of the following statements about the Compromise of 1850 is correct?
Omnibus bill - break it up
The Dred Scott decision declared that Congress could not __________.
Bar slavery in the territories
In his first two months as president, Lincoln ____________.
Sent militament to supress South rebellion
What was the order of the Mexican Revolution battles?
-San Jacinto
Who was Sam Houston?
General who won the Battle of San Jacinto
Who was the leader over Mexico?
Santa Anna
What were Lincoln's theological views?
Not in line with society
What did Tolstoy say about Lincoln?
"Lincold loved his enemy"
Who wrote Uncle Ton's Cabin and how did it change America?
Harriet Snow, more against slavery
Who did Lincoln blame the Civil War on?
All Americans, "God's War"

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