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Drill and Ceremonies 2


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A normal interval is arm’s length and a close interval is _____ ______
4 inches.
The rate of marching at 60 steps per minute is known as _____ ______
slow time
______is a single line of persons placed side by side.
The extreme right or left side of a formation in line or in column is called the _______
The formation of a squadron or group in which the component units are in column, abreast of each other, and at close interval is called ______ ________
mass formation.
___ __ ________is the method in which precision movements of two or more counts are demonstrated, practiced, and learned–one count at a time.
The Airman designated to regulate the direction and rate of march is called the ________
________is the alignment of elements side by side or in line maintaining proper interval.
The space between individuals placed side by side is called ______
________is the space occupied by a unit, measured from flank to flank.
The arrangement of units side by side with guide and element leaders at the head is known as ___________________.
in column
The arrangement of units one behind the other with the guide and element leaders to the extreme left flank is called ________.
inverted line.
The arrangement of units one behind the other with the guide and element leaders to the extreme left flank is called ______ ______.
inverted line.
The arrangement of units one behind the other with the guide and element leader to the extreme right flank is called __ ______.
in line.
The arrangement of units side by side with guide and element leaders to the rear is known as an _____ ______.
inverted column.
The line on which the adjutant forms the front rank of troops for a parade or review is called the _____ _____.
final line.
A forming line 20 paces to the rear of the final line where troops are formed for a parade or review at an established time before Adjutant’s Call is called a (an) _____ ___________.
ready line.
The command for the element to count cadence is Count Cadence, COUNT, and the command of execution is given as the ___________ foot strikes the ground.
_______________ commands are given between the element commander’s preparatory command and the command of execution.
When the drill instructor wants to conduct drill by mass commands, the command is ___ ______ ____________ .
To end mass commands, the instructor commands ___ ___ ____________ .
The volume used in giving a command is called _________ and it should be adjusted to the distance and number of individuals in the formation.
The interval between the last word of the preparatory command and the command of execution should normally be ____________ steps or counts between commands if the total formation is larger than that of a flight.
Good ________ __________ is necessary for good leadership.
military bearing
In counting cadence in the movement Right Step, the count of ____ is given on the right foot because the right foot is moved first.
Most drill commands have two parts, the ____ _____and the ______ ________.
preparatory command and command of execution
A properly delivered command of execution has no ____________.
______ _________ help develop confidence, self-reliance, assertiveness, and enthusiasm by making the individual recall, give, and execute the proper commands.
Mass commands
______ is that extra quality in a command that demands immediate response and expresses confidence and decisiveness.
_______ __________ are given when one unit of the element must execute a movement different from the other units or must execute the same movement at a different time.
Supplementary commands
The _________ command explains what the movement will be.
preparatory command
The __________ __ ______________ explains when the movement will be carried out.
command of execution
The _______is a courteous exchange of greetings, with the junior member always saluting first.
Upon hearing the command EYES RIGHT (LEFT), all persons, except those on the right (left) flank, turn their heads and eyes smartly ____degrees to the right (left).
The facing movements of Right Face, Left Face, About Face, Half Right Face, and Half Left Face are all two-count movements executed in ______time.
To resume quick time from double time, the command is_____ ______, MARCH, with four steps between commands.
Quick Time
The only command that can be given when marching at other than attention is ________ __ ___ ______
Incline to the Right (Left).
The command To The Rear, MARCH, is given as the heel of the ____foot strikes the ground.
The length of steps and the rate of speed for marching double time is _______
30-inch steps at the rate of 180 steps per minute.
T/F The only commands that can be given when marching at double time are Incline To The Right (Left); Quick Time, MARCH; and Flight, HALT.
T/F The commands Eyes, RIGHT (LEFT) and Ready, FRONT may be given while cadets are at a halt or while they are marching.
The _____is composed of at least two but not more than four elements.
To align the flight in column, the command is______.
The command to form a flight in line formation is_____ .
Once dress, cover, interval, and distance have been established, the command _____ _____will be given.
Ready, FRONT
To open ranks when in line, the command is, _____ ______MARCH.
Open Ranks
To close ranks when at open ranks, the command is, ______ ______MARCH.
Close Ranks
To obtain close interval between files when in column at normal interval at a halt or while marching at quick time, the command is _______ _______.
Close, MARCH
The normal formation for marching, is a column of at least ___, but not more than ______elements abreast.
Two, four

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