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Navy Customs & Courtesies


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What are Customs?
Usual ways of acting in a given situation; a long established practice that carries the force of law.
What are Courtesies?
Acts or words that express consideration and respect for another person.
The salute is one of the required acts of military courtesy?
Name two types of salutes?
Hand salute, Gun salute, Rifle salute
What is the most common, and possibly most important, type of salute?
Hand salute
Who do you salute?
All officers of all branches, domestic & allied foreign.
From what position should you salute?
Unless walking, only when at Attention.
When do you salute?
While in uniform & covered, when approaching officers, upon encountering the US Flag, when the Nation Anthem is played
In what manner do you salute?
Properly, sharply, and smartly.
Which hand do you salute with?
Always right; left only if right hand is injured.
When saluting officers, what accompanies the salute?
A cheerful greeting.
Where do you look when you salute?
Directly into the officer's eyes.
When do you begin your salute of an officer?
As soon as they are close enough to be recognized as officers; and enough time for the salute to be returned, usually no fewer than 6 paces
While you do not salute if not covered, do you salute an officer if they are not covered?
If you are with an officer and another higher ranking officers approaches, when do you salute?
Wait for the officer you are with to begin the salute, then quickly do the same.
How long do you hold your salute of an officer?
Until your salute is returned or you are 6 paces past the officer when walking.
What do you do if you approach an officer but you are carrying something in both hands and cannot render a hand salute?
Render a verbal greeting.
Army & Air Force are branches that salute uncovered; if you are indoors among that group and they salute, do you also salute?
Yes, to do otherwise would seem ill-mannered or disrespectful.
What is the one simple rule to follow for saluting officers?
When in doubt, salute.
Is a salute rendered when you are not covered (wearing a cover)?
No (unless in a situation that to do otherwise would be disrespectful)
Describe the procedures for arriving and departing a quarterdeck?
Stop at arrival of quarterdeck, face & salute ensign; face & salute ODD. Reverse order for leaving the quarterdeck.
Describe the procedures followed during evening and morning colors?
During colors everyone within sight or hearing renders honors. Personnel outside cease work, face the colors, and salute until the last note of the anthem.
What are morning & evening colors?
A ceremony for hoisting and lowering the national flag (ensign) at 0800 & sunset.
What are the 2 main objectives of the Department of the Navy?
1) Organize, train, equip, prepare, and maintain the readiness of the Navy and Marine Corps; and 2) Support Navy and Marine forces assigned to Unified Commands
Duties of the Commanding Officer?
A line officer with highest authority on a ship. No matter what his/her rank, the commanding officer (CO) is called captain.
Duties of the Executive Officer?
The line officer next in rank to the captain; responsible for all matters relating to personnel, ship routine, and discipline. Often called the Exec or XO
Duties of the Department Head?
The officer who is responsible for its organization, training and performance of the Department.
Duties of the Division Officer?
The officer in charge of the Division; the officer that Division personnel come in contact with every day.
Duties of the Division Leading Chief Petty Officer (LCPO)?
Responsible for the morale and welfare of their subordinates, but also functions as the technical expert for the Division
Duties of the Division Leading Petty Officer (LPO)?
Responsible for the morale and welfare of his or her subordinates, but also functions as the technical expert for the Division
What is the largest organizational unit on a ship:
What is the next smaller organization unit after a Department on a ship?
Divisions; the basic working unit in the Navy
What is the next smaller organization unit after a Division on a ship?
Watches, sections, or both

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