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The National Anthem of the United States, "The Star Spangled Banner," when played by a naval band, shall be played in its entirety.

When a foreign national anthem is prescribed in connection with honors, and it is considered appropriate to perform the National Anthem of the United States therewith, the National Anthem of the United States will be performed _____.

a. first<
b. last
Whenever the National Anthem is played, all naval service personnel not in formation shall stand at attention and face the national ensign. In the event that the naional ensign is not displayed, they shall face the source of the ______.
Morning and Evening Colors
The ceremonial hoisting and lowering of the national ensign at _____ and ______ at a naval command ashore or aboard a ship.
0800 and sunset
At morning colors, the ensign shall be started up at the beginning of the music and hoisted _______ to the ____ or_____.
Hoisted smartly to the peak or truck.
What is the proper way to salute the National Ensign when comming aboard a ship?
Each person in the naval service, upon comming on board a ship of the Navy, shall salute the national ensign if it is flying. He or she shall stop on reaching the upper platform of the accomodation ladder, or the shipboard end of the brow, face the national ensign, and render the salute, after which he or she shall salute the officer of the deck.
A member not in uniform shall render appropriate honors to the national ensign by......
Facing the flag and standing at attention with the right hand over the heart.
T/F. The same honors as accorded during reditions of the National Anthem or "To the Colors" will be given to "Hail to the Chief" by naval personnel.
Juniors shall walk or ride on the ________ of seniors whom they are accompanying.
No salute shall be fired between ______ and _______, before ____ or on ______, except where international courtesy so dicates, or when related to death ceremonies.
sunset and sunrise, before 0800 or on Sunday.
"____________" are those honors, other than gun salutes, rendered on occasions when ships or embarked officials ro officer pass, or are passed, close aboard.
"Passing honors"
"____________" shall mean passing within ____ hundred yards for ships and ______ hundred yards for boats.
"Close aboard"
six Hundred yards for ships
four hundred yards for boats
What is and official visit?
An official visit is a formal visit of courtesy requiring special honors and ceremonies.
What is a call?
A call is an informal visit of courtesy requiring no special ceremonies.
When not underway, the national ensign and the union jack shall be displayed from 0800 until sunset from the ________ and the _________, respectively.
Flagstaff and the Jack Staff, respectively.
The national ensign shall be displayed during daylight fro the ______ of a ship under way.
Where is the union jack displayed at to denote that a general court-martial or court of inquiry is in session?
Describe the procedures for half-masting the national ensign.
In half-masting the national ensign, it shall, if not previously hoisted, first be hoisted to the truck or peak and then lowered to half-mast. Before lowering from half-mast, the ensign shall be hoisted to the truck or peak and then lowered.
If the national ensign is half-masted, the union jack, if displayed from the jack staff, shall it be half-masted as well.
T/F. Personal flags, command pennats and commision pennants shall be displayed at half-mast.
T/F. When ships passing Washington's Tomb, Mount Vernon, Virginia. The national ensign shall be hoisted to the truck or peak and the tolling shall cease at the last note of "Taps," after which the National Anthem shall be played.
T/F. When the ship of the Navy is passing the USS ARIZONA Memorial, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, between sunrise and sunset, their will be passing of honors.
If their is no chaplain or clergyman available, the _____, or a designated rep. shall conduct the funeral service.
There shall be ___ pallbearers and ____ body bearers.
six and six
When does an naval member salute the body at a funeral.
When the body has been carried past them, while the body is being lowered into the grave or committed to the deep, and during the firing of volleys and the sounding of "Taps".
How many rifle volleys shall be fired after the body has been lowered into the grave or committed to the deep.

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