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History of Health Care 2


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Wilhelm Roentgen
Discovered x-rays in 1895.
Paul Ehrlich
Discovered the effect of medicine on disease-causing microorganisms.
His discoveries brought about the use of chemicals to fight disease.
Gerhard Domagh
Discovered sulfonamide compounds.
These are the first medications effective in killing bacteria.
Changed medicine by killing deadly disease.
Dmitri Ivanovski
Discovered that viruses caused some diseases.
Identified poliomyelitis, rabies, measles, influenza, chicken pox, German measles, Herpes zosters and mumps.
Sigmund Freud
Discovered the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind.
Studies were the basis of psychology and psychiatry.
Alexander Fleming
Discovered penicillin.
Reduced the number of deaths from pneumonia, gonorrhea, and blood poisoning.
Jonas Salk
Discovered that a killed poliovirus would cause immunitiy to poliomyelitis.
Albert Savin
Discovered that a live poliovirus was more effective to produce immunity to poliomyelitis.
Florence Nightingale
Brought nursing careers to be seen as an acceptable profession.
Dorothea Lynde Dix
Superintendent of the Femal Nurses of the Union Army.
Clara Barton
Founded the American Red Cross
Melinda Ann (Linda) Richardson
First nurse trained in the United States.
Lillian Wald
Founder of American Public Health Nursing.
Established the Henry Street Settlement in New York.
Mary E. Mahoney
First African-American graduate nurse.
Mary Breckinridge
Pioneer visiting nurse-midwife to the moutain people of Kentucky.
Started one of the first midwifery schools in the United States.

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