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Humanities Second Semester Exam Review


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Byzantine Emperor, codified Roman Law, built Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia
Big catholic cathedral in Constantinople, Turkish added towers later to make it into a mosque, has massive dome
Artistic creation and contribution of Byzantine empire, made of small pieces of glass or stone in cement or plaster
Painting of a religious figure used in Orthodox church to represent divine realities
Influence of Byzantine Culture
Mosaics, increased trade, rise in education, preservation of Greek culture and classics, kept Rome alive, iconography, Islamic architecture, influenced Russia
Holy Roman Emperor, helped start the rise of feudalism, encouraged education, started school, economically developed Europe, trade and commerce expanded, had coin money
palace school set up by Charlemagne, center of Carolingian Renaissance, used trivium and quadrivium cirriculum, had smart professors
Trivium and Quadrivium
cirriculum at Aachen, made by Alcuin of York, T- grammar, rhetoric, dialect, Q-arithmetic, geometry, music, astronomy
very important to Christianity, from East asceticism (self denial) and eremitism (solitude)
typical day in monastary
St. Benedict
wrote rules for monastic life and monasticism (family community with abbot, poverty, chastity, don't travel)
Hildegard of Bingen
Medieval nun, wrote lots of treatises, artist, musician, shrink, did lots because of freedom granted to nuns in monastary, had visions, veyr highly regarded
Gregorian Chant
mix of Roman and Frankish, monophonic, lacked musical accompaniment, simple chants, plainchant, neums-notations
Liturgical Drama
Early dramas, first done in church with music but then elaborated and moved into public
Mystery Play
Parades, told stories from the Bible and explained Bible lessons to the people
Miracle Play
Parades, told stories about the lives of saints
Morality Play
Allegorical, has a moral, not about the Bible
Everyman must face God in final judgement, Everyman is only helped by Confession, Good Deeds, and Knowledge, life as pilgrimage, inevitability of death, memento mori, will of human to get salvation
mystery play, about birth of Jesus and Christian values of generosity and truth
Chansons d'histoire, celebrating a battle between Charlemagne and Muslims, epic poem, courtly ideal
Decoration on manuscripts, used in Caroligian time
Masterpiece of Carolgian Renaissance, pen drawings, Byantine influence
Parts of a Monastary
Cloister-garden, walkway
Scriptorium-copying room
Refectory-dining hall
Novitiate-housing for aspirant monks
Dormitory-sleep place
Infirmary- sick room
Romanesque Style
Use of heavy stone arches, generous exterior decoration, spacious interiors, fire proof roofs
Gothic Style
Abundance of stained glass windows, verticality, buttresses, luminosity, transparent
sponsered Saint Denis, houses relics, father of Gothic art, light=God
St. Denis
First Gothic Cathedral, designed by Suger, never completed, wanted to be Hagia Sophia
Has very beautiful windows with metallic salts, Virgin Mary rose window, epitome of Gothic architecture
Gothic Cathedral
Shaped both individual and social life of town, had economic impact on town, pilgramges, fairs
Villiard de Honnecourt
An architect that left behind a notebook that shows sketches of cathedral building

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