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NHA review


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What does CC mean?
Chief Complaint
What do you get from a CC?
what brought the patient in.... symptons, illness
What is HPI
History of Present Illness
And what do you gather from a HPI
when it started, how it progressed, what meds help, how long have the symptons been there
What does PFSH mean
Past Family and Social History
What inforation do you gather from PFSH?
your medical history, your family medical history, and social history
what is a ROS?
Review of Systems
What do you do for a ROS
ask questions pertaining to the body functions and go over everything collected
What are the 3 body functions needed for life
1. Body temp 2. Respiration 3. Heart function
What are the 4 vital signs?
1. Blood pressure 2. respiration 3. Temperature 4. Pulse
What are the 4 ways to collect body temperature?
1. Oral (mouth) 2. Rectal (rectum) 3. Tympanic (ear) 4. Axillary (underarm)
Rectal normal range in Celsius and Fahrenheit
98.6F-100.6F 37.0C-38.1C
Oral normal range in Celsius and Fahrenheit
97.6F-99.6F 36.5C-37.5C
Tympanic normal range in Celsius and Fahrenheit
98.6F 37C
Axillary normal range in Celsius and Fahrenheit
96.6F-98.6 35.9C-37.0C
Presence of fever?
Absence of fever?
A Febrile
Normal adult pulse?
60-100 BPM
Pulse is usually taken from?
The wrist - radial artery
How do you get the BPM?
count the pulse for 30 seconds, then multiply by 2.
What is the Apical Pulse?
taken over the apex of the heart with a Stethoscope
Normal rate of respirations in an adult?
12-20 also count number of times person breaths in 30 seconds and multiply by 2.
Apena? Tachypena? Bradypnea?
1. temporary lack of breathing 2. rate greater then 40 breaths per min 3. slow breathing (happens when sleeping)
pattern of irregular breathing
unable to breath unless in an upright position.
not enough air entering the lungs
Too much air entering the lungs
abnormal increase in breathing rate
what is teh normal blood pressure reading?
120/90 140/90 and 90/60 are also normal
Systolic over Diastolic
pressure readings for blood pressure
Improper cuff size...
causes readings to be too high
The arm is not at heart level....
will read falsely high
What is the MA's role in a physical exam?
Room prep, Patient prep, Assistaning the Physican
What do you label all chemicals with?
MSDS sheet - Material Safety Data Sheet
1st step to control external hemorrhage?
Apply pressure to the wound.
not enough blood reaches heart, results in loss of oxygen
5 Modes of Transmission
1. Contact 2. Droplet 3. Airborne 4. Common Vehicle 5. Vectorborne
4 methods of sterilization?
1. Gas 2. Dry heat 3. Chemical 4. Steam
The most important means of preventing the spread of in fection is?
hand washing
PPE covers
1. masks 2. goggles 3. face shields 4. respirator
2 tiers of precautions?
1. Standard 2. Transmission-based
Order of blood draw?
1.Sterile/blood cultures
2.Light blue coagulation tube
3. Red-non additive-clot activator
4. Red Gel separator tube-tiger top
5. Green(heperin)
6. Green/Grey(PST)
7. Lavender/purple/pink(EDTA)
Gray top (Potassium Oxalate/sodium flouride tube)

What wave comes first in the EKG?
P wave
Muscle that contracts the heart?
What does PPE stand for?
Personal Protective Equipment
What are Lukocytes?
white blood cells
What test is always priority?
Stat test
What artery does the blood pressure cuff go over?
bracial artery
What is plasma?
yellow fluid portion of unclotted blood
what does hemoglobin carry?
What does HS stand for?
take at bedtime
What does PO mean?
Take orally
what does BID mean?
2 a day
What does QD mean?
1 a day
What does TID mean?
3 per day
basal state mean?
resting state
What does a turnicut do?
enlarge the veins
Whats the first order of draw?
Blood cultures
What is oncology ?
cancer department
Symptoms of shock?
1. expressionless face
2. shallow breathing
3. seizures

What is the prone position?
laying on your stomach
What is a myocardial infraction?
Heart attack
who assigned the letters PQRS?
William Einthovion
Whats a wondering baseline?
cant detect baseline
What do the kidneys do?
eliminate waste products
How long does a erthrocyte live for?
120 days
What is the smallest needle to draw blood?
butterfly needle
How much blood is in an adult body?
5-6 liters
What is aspirin?
blood thinner
how long can sodium flouride keep glucose stable
3 days
How long does a red top tube take to clot?
30 mins
How should normal urine look?
yellow and clear
Where is a holtering monitor placed?
antirial trunk of the body
What is HCG?
Human Chronicle hormone
what is hemourea?
Blood in the urine
Safety laws- ex: never recap a used needle
patient privacy law
How high should a turnicut be placed?
3-4 inches above site
What does Quantative mean?
24 hr speciamn
Whats a heart murmer?
a valvular heart disease, sounds like a swishing sound
whats cheyne stokes?
last breaths
all health care facilitys
what are ethrocytes?
red blood cells
what is a phomit?
anything capable of carrying pathogens ex: name tags, scrubs
Where are IM injections given?
Deltoid muscle, Gluteus maximus
What does hypertension mean?
High blood pressure
Whats a stress test?
Evaulation of a patients chest pain
Number of R waves in a six second strip is 9, whats is the heart rate?
90- u multiply 9 x 10
What does asystole mean?
Flatline without contraction
EKG rates over 100 bpm?
Ekg rates below 60 bpm?
What is Glycymia?
fat in the blood
What is the additive in a green top tube?
lithium heparin
What tube is a INR test?
Light blue
Where does black stool come from?
Upper GI
When drawing blood why is it important to allow alcohol to dry?
my alter test results and also its stings
What color top tubes is for blood cultures?
What color top tube is used for metabolism?
In a heel stick
always wipe away first drop of blood
What tube is used for a microhematocrit test?
Red tube top
What is a glucose tolerance test?
What is keytones?
Break down of fat in the urine
Define hemostasis?
stop blood flow
Define hemolosis?
breakdown of red blood cells
another name for a butterfly needle?
wing infused
When the body has no food for 12 hours
Basil state
What kind of precautions are used for blood draw?
universal precautions
platelets that clot
what is a embolism?
a clot in motion
a bulge-weakened wall
inflammation of the vein
back up of blood flow
What is a timed speciman?
stat or emergency is always done first
what is an H&H test?
Timed test! Hemoglobin-carrys oxygen. Hematocrit
takes the blood from the heart to the body
radial artery?
felt in the groove on the thumb side of the inner wrist. Count pulse for 30 seconds and multiply by 2=BPM

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