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Immune System


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HIV can be caused from
sexual contact
a substance that stimulates an immune response
The most common means of HIV transmission is
sexual intercourse with a person infected with HIV
an organism that causes diseases
A parisite is
a predator that harms an individual by feeding on its host.
A diagnosis of AIDS is made when a person has
Fewer than 200 ml T Cells
Inappropriate reaction to a harmless substance
Where is the spleen located?
under the left side of the rib cage
When does HIV begin to reproduce
shortly after infection
The purpose of the immune system is
to protect us from the bacteria, microbes, toxins, viruses, parasites that try to invade our body
Cause of Swelling is:
Histamin releases white blood cells and fluids to the injurred area causing swelling once the cells dial
Defensive proteins secreted by plasma cell
Antibodies protect your body against diseased when exposed to a virus by:
destorying substances that enter the body and cause disease
What is the role of Helper T Cells
They control the cell mediated immune response

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