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Psychology 101 Test I


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I believe ghosts exist. In fact, one lived in my house. What? You say that ther is no such thing as a ghost? Can you prove it? I didn't think so. So they do exist
Unexplained is not Inexplicable
Hugo has had twelve accidents in the last six months, yet he insists that is just a coincidence and not his fault.
Failures are Rationalized
If you put that penny in the slot machine, you will start putting dimes in and then quarter, then dollars and soon you will be poor and living on the streets. Thus you shouldn't put that penny into the machine.
slipper slope
Last night I shot a burglar in my pajamas.
Experts agree that the best way to prevent nuclear war is to prepare for it.
Anonymous Authority
A reasonable person would agree that the use of animals in research is inappropriate.
prejudicial language
A government official said yesterday that the trade embargo has been lifted from Cuba.
Appeal to rumor
In driving around town I see alot of Latino landscaping crews. Latinos are better landscapers.
Hasty Generalization
I took Aphrine for my sinus pain, and my sinuses are cleared up in 2 minutes. That stuff really works.
After the fact
Don't believe Bill Gates when he talks about Microsoft, he is a skinny geek.
Ad Hominem
Opera recommends that you purchase "What to Expect in the First Year", so you do because she reccomended it.
Over Alliance
We have two computer operating systems. Either you buy Microsoft or you buy Macintosh.
Either or
You will turn your homework in on time or you will fail this class
Appeal to Fear
My goldfish died, I lost my job, and my car broke down this morning so I didn't get the homework finished.
Appeal to Pity
You tell me not to stay out late because I won't get enough sleep, but you come home at 2:00 am every morning.
Tu Quoque
We have always made pizza like this in my family for 7 generations.
Appeal to Tradition - The fact that we have always done it is no reason to continue beleiving it.
There is no proof that we evolved from monkies, so I'm sure we didn't.
Appeal to Ignorance - The arguement takes a lack of evidence for one thing to be good evidence for another.
As we research the effects of carbohydrates on a human being we began to notice the effect on a cellular level ....
Observer Changes the Observed - The act of studying an event can change it.
By eating a Subway sandwhich 3 times a day, Jared lost 150lbs.
Anecdotes Do Not Make a Science - without evidence or phycical proof from an experiment the claim doesn't stand
Using this innovative product will increase the thermogeneic balance of your cells allowing them to metabolize nutrients at a higher rate.
Scientific Language Does Not Make a Science - Dressing up the words with scientific jargon does not mean anything without experiements, evidence and corroboration.
Use Fatburner 2000 and watch fat melt away from your body.
Bold Statements Do Not Make Claims True - Using bold words or enormous claims but have no supportive evidence.
I saw the UFO land over here, let me show you where it landed.
Burden of Proof - The person making the claim has the responsibility of prooving its validity.
Wow! Out of a room of 200 people us 3 have the same birthdate. I wonder if the put us in here on purpose.
Coincidence - probability of the outcome is possible
Just as the gardener has nurtured his plants, let him raise his son.
Appeal to Emotion - emotive words used to obscure rationality
a way of thinking
Spinoza's Dictum - Not a fallacy but a way of life. An effort to not disproove something but to understand it.

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