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Photosynthesis Test


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What are the two sources of Hydrogen ions that build up inside the thylakoid?
1- Splitting of water 2- Pumping of H+ ions
Where does the atom of oxygen that was produced from water splitting go?
joins with another Oxygen atom and diffuses out
What does the accumulation of Hydrogen ions building up inside the thylakoid create?
concentration gradient
Why can't the Hydrogen ions just diffuse through the thylakoid membrane?
the membrane is impermeable to ions
What wavelength is optimum for PSI?
What wavelength is optimum for PSII?
how does light travel?
in waves and in packets
What are the distinct packets of energy of light called?
Where do electrons from PSII end up at the end of light reactions?
in PSI
Where do the electrons form PSI end up at the end of light reactions?
How doe PSII replenish its electrons?
splits water in hydrolysis
What is the process of splitting water called?
As the electrons from PSI travel down the electron chain to PSI, what is some of their energy used for?
pump H+ ions from the stroma to the thylakoid compartment
What is visible light a part of?
electromagnetic spectrum
What type of light has more energy- RED OR YELLOW?
What type of light has more energy- BLUE OR RED?
What are the openings of a leaf called?
What type of cells surround these openings?
guard cells
Where are chloroplasts located in a leaf?
in the mesophyll (spongy and palisade)
What is he only molecule in a photo system that can pass electrons to the primary electron acceptor?
reaction center CH LA
Where to light reactions occur in a leaf?
on the thylakoid membrane
Where does the calvin cycle occur?
in the stroma
What wavelengths are good for photosynthesis?
blue, red, violet
What wavelengths are bad for photosynthesis?
greens, yellows
Why do plants have more than one pigment?
to capture more energy
What 3 things can happen to a photon of light as it encounters a chloroplast?
reflected, absorbed, transmitted
What pigment molecule is the primary molecule involved in photosynthesis?
chlorophyll a
What specific atom is in it's ring-like head?
What is a photosystem?
a collection of pigment molecules in the thylakoid membrane arranged to capture light energy.
What does ATP provide the Calvin Cycle with?
What does NADPH provide the Calvin Cycle with?
high energy electrons
As the hydrogen ions from the thylakoid flow through this molecule, what happens?
the force causes the knob portion to turn and push a third phosphate onto ADP to make ATP (ADP + P --> ATP)
What are the three products of light reactions?
ATP, NADPH, oxygen
What molecule allows the passage of Hydrogen ions from the thylakoid space into the stroma?
ATP synthase

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