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Excel Vocabulary and Notes


undefined, object
copy deck
active cell
cell ready for data entry
When data is entered into a cell, labels will align on the left and values will align on the right.
Intersection of a row and a column and identified by a cell reference
Cell range
A selected group of cells that form a rectangle
Cell Reference
The column letter and the row number. Example: B12
Identified by letters that appear at the top of the spreadsheet. (Vertical)
Equations with symbols for math operations. A formula begins with an equals sign. Example= B6+B7+B8+B9
Special formulas that do not use operations to calculate a result. I.E. a shortcut formula. Example: =Sum(A6:A9)
text, symbol, date, or number not used in calculations
identified by numbers that appear at the left of the spreadsheet. (Horizontal)
a program that allows you to use rows and columns of data to mange, predict, and present information
a number entered into a spreadsheet cell that will be used for calculations
types of cell formatting
general, number, currency, percentage, text, comma, date
printing options
(file, Page Setup): Portrait, Landscape, With/without gridlines, With/without row and column headings
basic spreadsheet functions
addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
data types
labels (left default alignment), data expressed in words, symbols, dates, or numbers not used in calculations; values (right default alignment, data expressed in numbers; formulas (algebraic format of formulas)
alternate input devices
PDA, Tablet PC, Speech Recognition, virtual keyboard
keyboard or menu commands
mouse, arrow keys, enter
personal/home uses
budget, check book, car loans, grades, investments
business uses
payrolls, budgeting, investments, inventory costs, loan payments
spreadsheet applications
budgets, checkbook, product prices, payroll, financial statements, profit/loss statements, company bids
_____________ is movable resizable container for text or graphics
linked object
linked to source file
source file
updates the linked object
external reference
reference to cell or range of cells on sheet in another Excel workbook, or reference to defined name in another workbook
__________ reference to cell or range of cells on sheet in another Excel workbook, or reference to defined name in another workbook
linked objects
use ______ ________ when u want information in destination file to be updated as source data changes
embedded object
no connection to source file

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