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Science of Psychology


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Acetylcholine is associated with what
Motor control, mentral processes
Monoamines are associated with what?
Affect, arousal, motivation
Amino acids are associated with what?
Inhibitory and excitatory transmitters in the brain
Peptides are associated with what
Modulating neurotransmission
Central Nervous System consists of what?
Brain and spinal cord
Peripheral Nervous System consists of what
Somatic and autonomic system
Each parent contributes one set of what?
Gametes combine where?
What are the two principal sources of genetic variation?
sexual reproduction and mutation
What are two behavioral studies methods?
Twin studies and adoption studies
What is a statistical estimate of the portion of observed variation in a population that is caused by differences in heredity?
What is the transmission of characteristics from parents to children by means of genes?
Sensory/afferent neurons bring information to where?
Spinal cord and brain
Motor/efferent neurons transmit information from where to where?
Central nervous system to the periphery
Interneurons do what?
Facilitate within-CNS transmission of information and perform integration functions
Neuron collection occurs at the
Neuron integration occurs at the
cell body
Neuron transmission occurs at
axons and synapses
Define descriptive study
Research method that involves observing and noting the behavior of people or animals in order to provide an analysis
Define naturalistic observation
Passive descriptive study in which observers do not change or alter ongoing behavior
Define participant observation
A type of research study in which the researcher is actively involved in the situation
Define observational technique
A research method of careful and systematic assessment and coding of overt behavior
Define reactivity
The effect that occurs when the knowledge that one is being observed alters the behavior being observed
Define observer bias
Systematic errors in observation that occur due to an observer's expectations
Define experimenter expectancy effect
Actual change in the behavior of the people or animals being observed that is due to observer bias
Define socially desirable responding
When people respond to a question in a way that is most socially acceptable or in a way that makes them look good
Define self-report method
A method of data collection in which people are asked to provide information about themselves, such as in questionnaires and surveys
Define case study
A research method that involves intensive examination of one person
Define response performance
A research method in which researchers quantify perceptual or cognitive processes in response to a specific stimulus
Define reaction time
Quantification of performance that measures the speed of a response
Define positron emission topography
A method of brain imaging that assesses metabolic activity by using a radioactive substance injected into the bloodstream
Define electrophysiology
A method of data collection that measures electrical activity in the brain
Define magnetic resonance imaging
A method of brain imaging that produces high quality images of the brain
Define validity
The extent to which the data collected addresses the research hypothesis in the way intended
Define reliability
The extent to which a measure is stable and consistent over time in similar conditions
Define accuracy
The extent to which an experimental measure is free from error
Define Parkinson's Disease
A major neuropsychological disorder which affects muscle control and results from depletion of the dopamine system
Define a golgi stain
A method of tissue preparation that allows the examination of single neurons
Define inferential statistics
A set of procedures used to make judgments about whether differences actually exist between numbers
Define correlation
A statistical procedure that provides a numerical value between +1 and -1, indicating the strength and direction between variables

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