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ABeka Lit 11 - Chapter 3


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O. Henry
(William Sydney Porter) wrote stories and then when his wife got sick and was about to die, he was accused of embezzlement, and went to jail. While he was in jail he wrote letters back and forth to his daughter and took the pen name O. Henry
a method of expression in which the inteded meaning of the words used is the direct opposite of their usual sense; it is used for humor and sarcasm; three basic types of irony are: verbal, dramatic, and irony of situation.
verbal irony
saying the opposite of what is meant
dramatic irony
contrasting what a character says and what a reader or audience knows to be true
irony of situation
presenting a discrepancy between appearance and reality or between expectation and fulfillment
the ridicule of human folly or vice with the purpose of correcting it, or for a humorous effect
John Quidor
Illustrator of "Return of Rip Van Winkle" and painter of "The Devil and Tom Walker"
"Rip Van Winkle"
Author: Washington Irving
Setting: somewhere in the Kaatskill mountains
Theme: -
"The Pit and the Pendulum"
Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Setting: the French Revolution, right when it was about to end
Theme: They tortured the narrator with a tiny prison cell with no lighting, a huge pit in the middle for him to wander into, a pendulum that came down towards him while he was tied down right under it for his head to be cut off, and a burning red walls as hot as fire that move inward to push him into the pit. Right when he was about to fall the Revolution ends and he is saved.
point of view
the method of presenting the reader with the materials of the story, the perspective from which it is told; there are three basic points of view: omniscient, limited, and objective.
omniscient point of view
an all-knowing author is the narrator who comments freely on the actions and characters as he is able to delve into the minds of all characters and tell what they think and feel
limited point of view
the author tells the story from the viewpoint of one character using either the first or third person
objective point of view
the author presents the characters in action with no comment, allowing the reader to come to his own conclusions about them.
Edgar Allen Poe
a master storyteller whose stories and critical writings have influenced the development of the short story; After his young wife died, he went to writing mystery and horror tales
Howard Pyle
an artist, writer, and influential teacher of artists; was the "Father of American Illustration;" He painted "Thomas Jefferson Writing the Declaration of Independence"
N. C. Wyeth
a star pupil of Howard Pyle; he painted "The Fight in the Forest"
"The Cop and the Anthem"
Author: O. Henry
Setting: Madison Square, almost wintertime
Theme: A guy tries to get arrested to go to the jail for the winter, but couldn't get the cops to arrest him. And then one night he decides to turn his life around and get a job the next day, but gets arrested for standing by a church that night
The Open Boat
Author: Stephen Crane
Setting: -
Theme: A Tale Intended to be after the Fact: Being the Experience of Four Men from the Sunk Steamer "Commodore"
The Town Poor
Author: Sarah Orne Jewett
Setting: the town of Hampden
Theme: -
"Freedom From Want" or "Thanksgiving Dinner"
a scene painted by Norman Rockwell
An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
Author: Ambrose Bierce
Setting: Owl Creek Bridge, during the Civil War
Theme: The halucination that the main character, Peyton Farquhar, saw when he was about to be hung. (Hint: he saw his escape into the river down below the bridge and how they would shoot at him but the soldiers managed to miss him, etc.)
The Devil and Daniel Webster
Author: Stephen Vincent Benét
Setting: Jebez Stone's, the main character's, home
Theme: the story of how strong and excellent of a lawyer Daniel Webster was, because he even fought the devil in a court and won. (the court was made of dead men that when they were alive, were mad tyrrants in history)
Author: Ring Lardner
Setting: a little town outside of Carterville
Theme: The satire of Jim Kendall, or the cruelty of him, with his jokes and how he left practically nothing for his wife and two kids.
Contents of the Dead Man's Pockets
Author: Jack Finney
Setting: Inside Tom Benecke's appartment and on the ledge of his appt.
Theme: a piece of yellow paper, filled with months and months of information, that he had put on his desk flew out the window on to the ledge. This sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat story is about his adventure trying to retrieve the paper while almost losing jhis life attempting to do it.

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