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RNA Polymerase
Begins transcription at a promoter sequence and moves along the coding strand of DNA, exposing DNA nucleotides for base pairing with RNA nucleotides
In RNA Processing
Intron sequences are exised before the mRNA is translated
Nucleotides containing uracil are transcribed from nucleotides that MUST contain:
A tRNA molecule attaches to the mRNA molecule
Via hydrogen bonding, at the codon of the mRNA, via complementary base pairing, on the ribosome
Proteins can be thought of as sort of \'language of life\' whose words (amino acids) are encoded by the DNA molecule in the form of
A triplet of nitrogenous bases
A long sequence of mRNA that contains only two of the four possible bases in an alternating sequence will produce a polypeptide composed of _______ different amino acids?
Which of the following is directly involved in transcription: A) Amino Acids B) mRNA C) DNA polymerase D) Ribosomes
A segment of DNA has one strand with the following sequence of bases: AGCGCATTAGCAA The complementary strand of DNA is:
A segment of DNA has one strand with the following sequence of bases: AGCGCATTAGCAA The mRNA molecule coded for by the original strand is
If a tRNA molecule specialized for transfer of amino acid valine has the anticodon CAG with what codon on the mRNA will it couple?
The process of synthesizing mRNA along a DNA template is called
A single mRNA molecule is translated into four different enzymes involved in the same sequence of reactions. The sequence of DNA from which this molecule is transcribed is referred to as a(n):
Analysis of hemoglobin from patients with sickle cell anemia reveals that the disease is related to:
A substitution for a single amino acid and a single nucleotide substitution
Although in one sense a gene codes for all aspects of a protein\'s structure if you knew the sequence of nucleotides within the gene you could easily determine from this information only one aspect of the protein\'s structure. Which one?
Primary structure.
Why does adeneine only pair with thymine and cytosine only with guanine in a DNA molecule?
Their molecular shape determines how they are paired
Why are the new bases of the two DNA strands added in opposite directions during replication?
The DNA polymerases can only work in one direction.

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