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cell organization 2


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1.Prokaryotic cells do not have any
A. membrane-covered organelles
2. Chromatin is made up of
a.fats and protein
b. ATP and fats
c. chlorophyll
d. protein and DNA
d.protein and DNA
3. The structures within the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells are

a. organelles
b. enzymes
c. proteins
d. fibers
a. organelles
3. cell wastes are digested in organelles called

a.Golgi bodies
b. lysosomes
c. mitochondria
d. ribosomes
b. lysosomes
4. Water, food, and waste products are stored in the cell's

a. vacuoles
b. nucleolus
c. cell wall
d. organelles
5. Plant cells differ from animal cells because plant cells have

a. cell membrane
b. cell walls
c. nuclear membranes
d. endoplasmic reticulum
b. cell walls
6. Plants can trap light energy in organelles called

a. vacuoles
b. Golgi bodies
c. chloroplasts
d. endoplasmic reticulum
c. chloroplasts
7.Plants can trap light energy into chemical energy in the form of

a. protein
b. fat
c. sugar
d. fiber
c. sugar
8. The shape of a cell tells you something about its

a. age
b. job
c. energy
d. composition
b. job
9. Groups of similar cells in a tissue

a. look different
b. are various shapes
c. do the same kind of work
d. do different kinds of work
c. do the same kind of work
10. A leaf functions as a(n)_______
to make food for a plant

a. tissue
b. organ
c.organ system
d. organism
b. organ

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