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while DNA contains the base thymine, RNA contains________ instead
________ is protein synthesis. ___________ involves all three types of RNA
________ is the process by wich RNA molecules are produced from DNA
the ___________ describes the sequence of nucleotides used to produce amino acids.
genetic code
There are 64 kinds of codon but only 20 amino acids. Because of this an amino acid can be specifies by more than one___________
_______ is the continued breeding of closely related individuals. it can lead to many genetic defects.
______ is used to cut DNA into fragments.
Restriction Enzymes
Understanding the sequence of an organisms DNA allows researchers to study ___________
specific genes
During _____________,a cell takes the DNA from an outside source.
__________ organisms contain genes from other species. __________ bacteria can produce human proteins in large amounts.
transgenic bacteria can be used to produce ___________.
____________ are used to cut out the insulin gene from human DNA.
Restriction enzymes
_________________was the first clone made.The DNA of a body cell from one sheep was inserted into the egg of a different sheep.
dolly the sheep
One adaptation that Darwin noticed on different islands was the different shapes of ________ on finches
the adaptations that Darwin observed in tortoises caused Darwin to wonder if they had once been members if the ____________.
same species.
_____&_________ work suggests that the Earth is many millions of years old. This suggested that the earth was old enough for evolution to have occured.
Hutton's and lyells
_________ suggested that as the human population grew, food would become scarce. Darwin realized that concept could be applied to any population of organisms.
Darwin hesitated to publish his findings because they challenge the _________________.
fundamental beliefs of the day
Darwins observation that different species have similar characteristics __________________ of descending from a common ancestor.
supports the concept
Darwins concept of evolution was _____________ a knowledge of DNA.
not influenced.
while evolution was not mainstream during Darwins time people understood that __________ were preserved remains of ancient organisms.
Darwins theory of evolution does not explain _______________.
inheritance of traits
structures that have different mature forms but develop from the same embryonic tissue are called _____________.
homologous structures
the fact that more ____________ are produced than survive is a principle Darwins theory.
_______ include eggs, footprints, and body parts.
How we scientificly name something
Binomial nomentclature

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