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Human Physio Topic 9


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General function of Hydrophilic hormones
-cannot pass thru lipid bilayer of membrane -binds to receptors -opens/closes ion channels (changing permeability) OR -triggers 2nd messenger systems - amplifying signals received by membrane receptor thereby altering the activity of pre-existing proteins (usually enzymes)
General functions of lipohilic hormones
-can pass thru lipid bilayer of membrane -interact with DNA of target cell -Alter transcription of DNA -Formation of new proteins (usually enzymes)
Name the 3 classifications of hormones
-Peptides -Amines -Steroids
-small proteins (short chains of amino acids) -hydrophilic and lipophobic -dissolved in plasma -Produced by: pancreas, GI tract, kidney, liver, thymus, heart
2 types: 1.thyroid -T3 & T4 -hydrophobic -bind to protein in blood 2. Catecholamines -Adrenal medulla -hydrophilic -dissolve in plasma
-Hydrophobic -derived from cholesterol -bind to protein in blood
-control (inhibit/stimulate) release of hormone -act on another endocrine gland to produce its hormone
-not controlling hormone release -act on target cell to produce an event
Name the 6 general features of the endocrine system:
1. single endocrine gland - produce more than one hormone 2. single hormone - produced by more than one endocrine gland 3. single hormone - more than one type of target cell 4. single target cell - influenced by more than one hormone 5. single chemical - both hormone and neurotransmitter 6. some organs - only produce hormones and some produce both hormones and other functions
What are the 2 control systems of the Body?
Nervous and Endocrine
Nervous System
-coordinates rapid, precise responses. -interactions w/ environment
Endocrine system
-control activities that req. duration, not speed
Name 2 non-tropic endocrine systems
Pineal gland & Pancreas
Pineal gland
-non-tropic -location: Brain -detect changes in light -Produces melatonin -regulates body's biological clock -"wonder drug" for jet lag, sleep disorders
-Responds to Blood Glucose levels -Insulin (high) - promotes uptake of glucose -Glucagon (low) - promotes increase in blood glucose

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