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Navy Casuality Assistance Calls Program (CACP) Manual Chapter 1


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What is the roll of the CACO?
The CACO is the Secretary of the navy's official representative to assist the family members during a very difficult period of their lives. (i.e. death of member, severely injured etc.)
Qualifications of a
Officer with at least 2 years of activty duty

Senior Enlisted member (E-7 or above)

Members in pay grade E-6 may be assigned CACO duty when more senior enlisted members are not available.

Cannot be in the Chaplin Corps Officer, or Recruiting Personnel.

When possible in the same occupational background.
Responsibilities of CACO?
Contact Bureau of Naval Personnel to arrange payment of Death Gratuity in death cases.

Contact Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, American Red Cross, if immediate financial assistance is desired.

Assist in the arrangement of funeral or memorial services and military funeral hnonors, if requested.

Assist in transportation arrangemnts, including proision for dependent escort.

Assist in completing survivor benefits

Monitor Shipment progress of household goods and personal effects and keep the NOK advised.
What is a stand by status?
In case of members who are reported as death imminent, a CACO will be assigned but no contact will be made with the NOK until directed by BUPERS.
What is a Courtesy CACO?
One may assigned to assist the NOK traveling to the bedside of a critically ill/injured member.
What to do if CACO assistance is rejected:
When no further assistance is desired or required the CACO should assure the NOK that no further contact will be made, but that their services remain available upon request.
What type of training does being a CACO require?
CAC/FHS Program Coordinators have overall repsonsibility for training and adequate number of CACOs within their geographical area to carry out the CACP.
Receipt of a Personnel Casualty Report?
When one is received, the Program Coordinator of the area will immediately task the appropriate command to designate a CACO to personnally notify the NOK.
What is Notification of Qualified Personnel?
CACO will ensure that a naval message is sent to all concerned (BUMED if casuality occurred overseas and the Naval Office of Medical/Dental Affairs, Great Lakes), listing the identity of the CACO, his or her office/home/fax number/mailing address, and time of notification of NOK and their address.
How long should CACO's be available to family members?
Normally for at least 90 days.
If the CACO determines that the NOK has health problems?
A hospital corpsman should accompany the CACO.
Does the Navy routinely asign a CACO for a retiree's death?
No but they will provide counseling assistance.

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