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nervous system II


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this is secreted by choroid Plexues (capillaries in ventircles), its clear, similar to blood plasma, produced by lateral ventricles
Cerebrospinal fluid in the CNS
is CSF in the CNS or PNS
CSF- does what and where is it sampled
support, absorbs shock and provides nutrients. spinal tap L-4
protected by bone, meninges, csf
cns-spinal cord
where does the cns spinal cord extend to and how long is it?
medulla oblongata to L2. 16-18 inches
name the two enlargements (limb control) of the CNS-spinal cord
cervical (shoulder and arms) and Lumbar (pelvis and legs)

conus medullaris is the inferior tip of spinal cord         cauda equina- nerve roots interior to cord tip (lumbar)  filum terminale- pia mater attached to coccyx

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what is Outer White Matte?
bundles of myelinated Axons
What are ascending tracts or pathways? motor or sensory? and do they go to CNS or PNS?
Sensory, from sensory receptors to CNS
what are Descending tracts or pathways? motor or sensory? do they go FROM CNS or PNS
Motor, From CNS to glands or muslces
what is inner gray matter
neuron cell bodeis and unmyelinated processes
dorsal and ventral horns projects towards outter or inner surface? and they are apart of what color
outer. inner gray matter
dorsal gray horn is an- and apart of what color
interneuron somas and apart of inner gray matter
ventral gray horn is a- and apart of inner gray matter
somas of motor neurons
how many pairs of spinal nerves
31 (PNS)
name the spinal nerves (and which direction they moves)

snesory: dorsal root/ascending tracts

motor : ventral root, descending tracts

what are dermatomes-
skin segments supplied by spinal nerves
The PNS consists of peripheral nerves (3)
cranial nerves, spinal nerves and nerve plexuses
PNS consists of peripheral nerves and
PNS carries what and what kind command?
carries sensory info and motor commands
SENSORY- carries from receptor toward CNS               MOTOR- carries from CNS towards effector               MIXE
PNS- has bundles of..HAS S M M and CT reinforced
CT reinforced is PNS Nerves (3) early chapter
endoneurium- surrounds each axon                          Perineurium-around groups of axons      &n
PNS -cranial nerves how many pairs
in the cranial nerves (PNS) where does I arise
from the cerebrum
II-XII from which part of brain
function of PNS cranial nerves are
sensroy motor and mixes
31 pairs of spinal nerves, are the sensory motor or mixed?
8 cervical, 12 thoracic, 5 lumbar, 5 sacral, 1 coccygeal   all are MIXED; both sensory(Af) and Motor(Ef)
PNS-Nerves Plexuses (spinal nerve branches)
cervical brachial lumbar and sacral
reflex arcs is a simple or hard conduction? and results in slow or fast and automatic or innamatic response
simple conduction pathway, results in reflex fast automatic motor response
5 components of a reflex arc
receptor-end of dendrite (sensory neuron)                  Sensory Neuron (receptor to cns)             &
recetpr, sensory neuron, interneuron, motor neuron and effector are
reflex arc
Voluntary, controls skeletal muscles, neurotransmitter, cell body in CNS and axons extend to skeletal muscles 
PNS -Somatic Nervous system
Involuntar, Motor/Efferent, chain of 2 motor neurons recieves info from cns and regulates cardiac muscle, smooth muscle and glandular activity
PNS Autonomic nervous system (ANS)
PSN-ANS antagonistic branches that serve same organs
Parasympathetic "housekeeping" conserves energy, incresed gastrointestina, decreased heart rate
PNS-ANS continued
Sympathetic "fight or flight" expends energ. thoracolumbar origin. inhibition of GI activity constricted blood vessels

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