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Functional Measurement Tests


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Five point test (motor sensory, balance, ROM, joint pain) used before and after rehab. It is very reliable, especially after an inservice on how to do it. Used on stroke takes long (10 to 30).....not as accurate in sensory part.
FIM test
18 questions, 6 ctegories (self care,locomotion, bowel and bladder management)....reliable and valid, used on all rehab patients.....1-7 being independent....not as sensitive as you can't give a 0....also insensitive to wheelchar/amputee patients. Shows progress from admission to release...ebst when used w/i 72 hours.
Sit to Stand
Pt. sits, arms crossed over chest in a chair and stands and sits five times. Time stops when they sit for a 5th time. Good screen/gross assesment....not a valid strength test. No standard time of test, chair height, number of, effective, easy.....used with elderly, unbalanced, knee replacements.
6-minute walk test
a course is mapped out and the patient is told to walk it for 6 minutes........used on elderly, COPD, and Cardiac patients. Functional, doesn't require alot of space, cheap, quick....but Encouragement, shape of course, previous trials all affect result. Overall....reliable and valid.
Motor Assessment Scale
0-6 SCALE, 0 meaning inability to perform.....of activities like supine to stand, sit to stand, etc.......mainly used on stroke patients....this test is valid, but not always reliable (esp. in the area of PT's).....takes up to 30 minutes to perform...some bias may have existed due to authors doing their own tests.
Used on spinal cord injured patients, it assesses motor and neurological function. Uses MMT's and pin pricks.
A- none
B sensory, no motor
sensory and 1/2 of tested muscles have grade of 3 or less on MMT
D- sensory and 1/2 of muscles tested have grade of 3 or more
E- sensory and motor

Can be tough to administer and somewhat unreliable when not trained........takes a long time to test, but useful
Functional Reach Test
used on patient's with balance issues....tape a ruler to the wall, assess how far pt. can stand and reach without taking a step forward. Cheap, reliable, easy......however, balance is not one dimensional.
Timed up and go
Pt. sits in a chair, stands, walks 3 m turns around and sits easy effective. Spinal cord injuries, balance issues, elderly....valid and reliable.
videotape of a patient that analyzes seven aspects of gait and rates them on a 0-3 scale. Cheap, efficient, reliable, valid....though patient's weren't allowed to use their assistive devices.
SF-36 test
36 question test, divided into 8 categories about QOL. Intended for all espeicially young kids, SCI pts, elderly, etc......reliable and valid, though it may be flawed for those with disability. Also, it may not be understood by foreign individuals.
Berg Balance Scale
14 item balance screening, 0-4 scale, used on all with ablance issues. Good reliablility and validity. Requires ortho and cognitive ability.
Katz Index
Health care provider observes a patient doing 6 ADL functions and rates them independent, dependent, or partially dependent. Not very sensitive to minor improvements, for elderly and terminally ill....relibale and valid.
Tinetti Test
Has a balnce and a gait component.....more of a gross assessment than anythigne lse......reliable and valid......some PT students were more reliable than real PTs!

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