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An otherwise low risk patient with family history of CAD requires screening. Which test?
E: Some experts recommend measurement of serum lipoprotein(a). For intermediate risk group patients, high sensitivity C-reactive protein is meausred.
A: lipo.*a
Exercise stress testing is recommended as a routine in certain healthy patients. Who?
E: Patients who are in high risk jobs such as police, firefighters or pilots.
A: (pilot)|(fire)|(polic)
When will you start an aldosterone antagonist in patients which heart failure?
E: Those who are in NYHA class 3/4 and who are already on a aggressive baseline protocol.
What are the two indications for GPIIb/IIIa inhibitors?
E: (1) High risk ACS syndrome patients with ST depression or troponin leaks and (2) PCI candidates.
A: ST.*trop, PCI
What should be the TIMI score of patients who will benefit from early coronary angiography in ACS?
E: Intermediate and high risk group patients -- TIMI risk scores greater than 3.
Elevated plasma triglyceride levels are now an independent coronary artery disease risk factor. True/False?
E: True; recent data indicates this. The normal triglyceride level is now down to 150.
A: T
What is the first line therapy for hypertension for black patients at risk for coronary artery disease?
E: Diuretics remain the first line therapy for black patients; for others, ACEIs.
A: (diur)|HCTZ
What are the criteria for metabolic syndrome?
E: Abdominal obesity (40 inches in men, 35 inchest in women), fasting triglycerides above 200, fasting glucose greater than 110, HDL less than 40 in men, less than 50 in women.
A: abdo, trig, fast
When should cholesterol lowering drugs be considered?
E: Coronary artery disease OR (2 or more risk factors AND LDL is above 130)
A:CAD, 2.*and.* 130
What is the LDL goal for patients with known coronary artery disease?
E: 100
A: 100
What is the LDL goal for patients with 2 or more risk factors?
E: 130
A: 130
Which is safer: niacin + statin or fibrate + statin?
E: Niacin + statin is safer than fibrate + statin.
E: niacin
What is the LDL goal for a diabetic patient?
E: 100 : DM is a CAD equivalent.
A: 100
What are the four indications for image stress testing rather than electrocardiographic stress testing in CAD?
E: Abnormal resting EKG, known CAD, prior revascularization, inability to exercise
A: rest, CAD, exerc, revasc
What is the primary indication for EB CT for CAD screening?
E: Elderly, asymptomatic patients in the intermediate risk group.
A: eld.*asymp
ARBs reduce the incidence of cardiac events in patients who have had myocardial infarction. True/False?
E: False
6, 14, 25, 37, 48, 71
Should you routinely stress test an asymptomatic patient after revascularization? Y/N
E: Not needed for 5 years, if patient is asymptomatic.
Which category of drugs used in the treatment of ACS/MI are contraindicated in patients with creatinine of greater than 4.0?
A: gp
What are the reasons for discontinuing ACEI?
E: Angioneuropathic edema, symptomatic orthostatic hypotension, hyperkalemia, worsening renal function
A: hypot, hyperk, renal f, edem
A patient with myocardial infarction develops bradycardia and hypotension in the immediate aftermath. What is the treatment?
E: Atropine: vagally mediated bradycardia.

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