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Histology of vessels and organs


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Basophills are ________and look solid purple because of the stains but have two lobes of the nucleus (mostly hidden) and produce ______,_______,and ________;and are involved in allergic reactions.and are the _____of the WBC's.
Histimine ,heperin, serotonin,,,,,smallest
Eosinophills are _______and release _____-that combat histamine and etc.They phagocytize antigen-antibody complexes and are effective against_____.
Granular, enzymes, parasitic worms
Neutrophils are the ______WBC's and the nucleus has ____to ____ lobes connected by_____ . the granules are smaller and stain pale lilac on these. Neutrophils are active in ______and contain and release ________,______,and _________.
granular, 2,5, chromatin, phagocytosis,lysozyme,oxidents and defesins(proteins)
Lymphocytes are the major soldiers of defense and are three types of cells______,_____,and________.theses lymphocytes are _________and the nucleas is ______or slightly indented and stains blue. the cytoplasm stains sky blue and forms a rim around the nuc
B cells , T cells, and natural killer cells. agranular ; round
monocytes Have a _______shaped nucleus and migrate out of the blood to become _______ macrophages in specilized capacities in tissues.They also clean up ______debris
Pacman,,, fixed,,, cellular
WBc's leave the bloodstream by a process know as______ with the help of ______ molecules
emigration ::adhesion
Which is the only blood cell to come back to the blood stream once leaving.(others don't)
Platelets store ________, _________,_____
Clotting factors ,ca+2 ,seratonin and platelet derived growth factor
Name Retina cells from deep in eye to outside eye ______,_______,_____,______????
Gangllion cells ,bipolar cells ,photoreceptic cells and pigmented epithelium.
Name chochlea parts from top to bottom_____,______,_______,_______,______The nerve is called the __________nerve IIIX and the other nonhearing nerve is called______
scala vestibui,vestibular membrane,Cochlear duct (this one contains endolymph),tectoral membrane,organ of corti basilar membrane,and scala tympani(biggest looking duct) vestibulocochlear
Bony layrinth contains _______fluid and membranous Labyrinth contains _______fluid>_______fluidcontains alot of K+ ions
Sound goes thru the oval window then in________ then thru helicotrema and then thru ________ and ends at round window
Scala vestibuli,,,,,scala tympani
The utricle and saccule contain_______ to help with equil. and the stereocilia sit in a glycoprotien layer called-------------?????
maculae ,,,,otolithic membrane
In the ________ is ______ that is covered by cupula and helps with dynamic equalibrium
ampulla, cristi endolymph
In the anterior portion of the vascular tunic the _________becomes the ________.
,,,,choroid,,,,,ciliary body
The ______ muscles roll the eye from side to side with the help of the 4 _____muscles
oblique rectus
The optic nerve is cranial nerve number______.
The Jagged anterior margin of the retina is called _________>
ora serrata
The duodenum contains endothelium _______cells that produce mucous and ___________ that produce an alkaline mucus are in the smooth muscle and function of the endothelium cells is ________ and __________. Theses cells have microvilli projections.
Goblet cells,brunner cells absobtion and secretion
Inner layer of smooth muscle fibers are _______ and the outer layer fibers are _________
__________ cells produce intrinsic factor and hydrochloric acid.and are located on the deeeper sides of the epithelium lined gastric pits.The ______cells produce _________ and are lower in the gastric pits.
Parietal cells, Cheif cells,,pepsin
The cacitonin of the thyroid gland is made by the ________ cells.
parafollicular or C-cells
the thyroid Gland uses ________ to make t3 And t4 ;hormones which stimulate ______and additional sodium potassium pumps use more ATP and have a ________ efffect.
Iodine, Basil metabolic rate,calorigenic effect
Cheif cells in the bottom of the gastric pits produce_________.??????
Pepsin:::::later activated to pepsinogen when activated by Hydrochloric acid from the parietal cells
about ______% of the pancreas Is Isles of Langerhan.
In the pancreas Alpha cells produce____,and Beta cells Produce_____and Delta cells Produce____and F-cells produce _______.The rest of pancreas 97% are exocrine cells that produce__________.
Glucagon;Insulin;somatostatin,pancreatic polypeptide ;;;;;;;digestive juices
Cardiac muscle is __________muscle that has ___________characteristics and _______nuclei And ____________discs.
involuntary, branching ,intercalated
In the testes cells called _________ make testosterone.And sperm is made in the __________.
Leydig cells; seminiferous tubules
The sperm has _________ on its head which helps it eat into the egg.The midpiece contains __________.
The head of sperm contains _______.
The lymph node slide stained ______and ______ mosaic looking with litttle 2 tracks on it.
purple,and red
The spleen histology look is similar to the _______ in looks but lighter and stains more pink than Red.
Lymph node
The spleen Has _____pulp and _______pulp and the ______pulp is the denser looking circular area that is made up of ________and the other _____ pulp is used for __________>...
red ,white,,,white , lymphocytes (make B+T cells)Red Pulp is used for blood filtering
The Adrenal gland consists of an outer cortex of three layers ________makes _____ and _________makes ________ and _____makes_________(outer layer to inner layer...
Zona glomerulosa,mineralcorticoids(Aldosterone regulates Na+ and K+ ) :::zona Fasciculata ,glucorticoids(cortisol regulate metab. and stress)::::zona reticularis ,androgens(make estrogens)
The inner part of the adrenal gland is called the _________and makes _______and_________ with __________cells and is part of the sympathetic nervous system.
medulla, epinephrine and norepinephrine
The flight or fight resposes occur quickly from the __________with the secretion of epinephrine and norepinephrine.
Hormone producing medulla
________ are the blood transporters and the _________are for immunity and _______are for blood clotting.
Eurythrocytes, Lymphocytes, thrombocytes
The kidneys
the _______ is surrounded by a white space called the ________space.
renal corpuscle, capsular
The renal corpusle is in the ________ of the Kidney
cortex (the slide looks pinkish orange with glomerulus's in them)
the three cells of lymph node are the ___ inthe center, the ______cell in the medullary cord and th___________cell
T CEll, B cell, and the plasma cell
The leydig cells produce ___________
In the ovary the mature follicle is called a ___________folliclce
In the ovary the large space surrounding the follicle is called the _________
The cell in the stomach that makes Hydrochloric acid is called_________
the three cells that are important in the stomach are the ________<______ and ______
parietal,cheif ,mucous
in the heart the fibers that are in the ventricle and keep the valves from blowing out to far are the ________and the muscles that control them are the_____________ .The ridges in the ventricle are called ___________
chordae tendinae,,papillary muscles,trabeculae carneae
the glob in the middle of the renal corpuscle is called ____________>

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