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BIOLOGY Chapter three review (organic chemistry)


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What is the monomer for carbohydrates?
Glucose or monosaccharides.
What is the process that links monomers?
Dehydration synthesis.
What is the process that breaks bonds of polymers creating monomers?
Two examples of monosaccharides.
Glucose and fructose.
What is the chemical formula for a simple sugar?
Example of disaccharide.
Sucrose, Maltose, Lactose.
Descrice cellulose.
1000's of glucoses long, branched out, found in plant cell walls, and used to scrape out insides.
Describe starch.
100's of glucoses long, used for energy.
Describe glycogen.
100's of glucoses long, found in muscle cells, used for energy storage.
Why are carbohydrates important?
Energy, cells.
What are good food sources of carbohydrates?
Grains, fiber, meats.
Why are lipids important?
Energy, make up cell membranes.
What are good food sources of lipids?
Meats, nuts, peanut butter.
What does R stand for in an amino acid?
The functional group.
What are the 4 levels of proteins?
Primary, Sencondary, Tertary, Quaterary.
Why are porteins the basic unit of structure?
Found in every cell membrane.
what are foods high in protein?
Meat, nuts, eggs, fish, and poultry.
What are enzymes?
Enzymes speed up a rteaction without getting invoulved.
What are the three basic componets that make up nucleic acids?
Sugar, Phosphate group, and Nitrogen base.
Where is DNA found in the cell?
What is the basic function of DNA?
It stores genetic info.
What is the basic function of RNA?
It carries info of DNA and directs proetin synthesis.
What are the structural differences between RNA and DNA?
DNA - sugar deoxyribose.
RNA - sugar ribose.

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