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WWII study guide


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Tuskegee Airmen
"group of African American pilots who flew with distinction during World War II as the 332nd Fighter Group
to bring to a state of peace, quiet, ease, calm, or contentment; pacify; soothe:
Neutrality Acts
Laws that were passed by the US congress in the 1930's. They were to ensure that the US would not
Benito Mussolini
"the prime minister of italy, until he was overthrown in 1943. He established himself as the dictator of a
V-E, V-J Days
V-E day: victory in Europe V-J Day victory in japan
Navajo Code Talkers
"We used their language as a secret code, so when the messages were intercepted, the other countries couldn't
Douglas MacArthur
"He was designated to command the invasion of Japan in November 1945, and when that was no longer
Island hopping
"it was a military stragety. When a country would have their soldiers go from one island to the next, taking over that island or getting all the resources from it, and then moving to the next island and
Neville Chamberlain
"prime minister of UK. Signed the Munich Agreement in 1938. Forced to Resigned after Germany invaded
Winston Churchill
Prime minister of England during WW2
"Leningrad was surrounded and overwhelmed by the German Wehrmacht from September 8 1941 to January 27
Nazis and Fascists
A man who worked for the German government
"island group NW of Honolulu, 1941 a U.S. naval base was opened. he battle, fought mostly with aircraft,
Hideki Tojo
"prime minister of Japan. A general in the imperial japanese army. Made quick descisions.
one of the really big death camps in Germany
Rape of Nanking
"infamous genocidal war crime committed by the Japanese military in Nanjing, then capital of the Republic of
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
The president of US at the time of WW2
"June 6, 1944. Was supposed be the day before but there was really bad weather. World War II: Battle of
"Rosie the Riveter"
"she is a cultural icon in the US representing the 6 million women who started working in factories and
Third Reich
what hitler called himself. Its like hitler reinge or emperor
Internment Camps
The camps that had Japenese Americans in them.
Lend-Lease Act
"name of the program under which the United States of America supplied Great Britain, the Soviet Union,
Manhattan Project
wartime effort to design and build the first nuclear weapons
Bataan Death March
"took place in the Philippines in 1942 and was later accounted as a Japanese war crime. The march occurred
Munich Conference
"agreement regarding the Sudetenland Crisis among the major powers of Europe after a conference held in
"Nagasaki became the target of the second atomic bomb ever detonated on a populated area; about 75,000
Battle of Britain
"series of air battles between Great Britain and Germany, fought over Britain from Aug. to Oct., 1940. As a
Battle of the Bulge
"German force, commanded by Marshal von Rundstedt, broke the thinly held American front in the Belgian
Harry S. Truman
"He was the 33rd president. He was an artillery officer in WW1. It was he who decided to use nuclear
"The kamikaze were suicide attacks by the Japanese soldiers. They would kill themselves for their
Strategic bombing
"A military strategy used in total war. strategy usually involves constant attacks over a period of time on
Axis and Allies
AXIS: italy /japan/ germany ALLIES: britain/ france /soviet union/ US/ china
Nuremberg Trials
a series of trials that were trying military and political leaders of nazi germany
"During World War II, more than 300,000 Allied troops who were cut off from retreat on land by the German
Operation Overlord
also called Battle of Normandy. Allied invasion of France
Mein Kampf
A book that adolf hitler wrote
Joseph Stalin
was General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union's Central Committee
The 442nd
"a military unit mostly made up of Japanese Americans. Most of the soldier's family members were put
The Anschluss and Sudetenland
"A; German term designating the incorporation of Austria into Germany in the 1930s.
Adolf Hitler
"The man who was head of Germany at the time. Was elected because everyone like his ideas to get ""revenge""
Dwight D. Eisenhower
34th president of the US. Nicknamed Ike. General in the US army. During WWII, was supreme commander of Allied forces in Europe. Supervised invasion of France and Germany
Pearl Harbor
Got bombed on Dec 7, 1941. On Dec. 8, the United States declared war on Japan. Because of it
the Fuhrer
It was the name that Hitler gave himself. It basically means to be a supreme ruler. Everyone follows you.
"On August 6, 1945, the nuclear weapon Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima by the crew of the American
the German style of fighting. When shell after shell or bombs are shot at the enemy
Emperor Hirohito
Emperor of japan
Nazi-Soviet Non-Agression Pact
"A treaty made by Germany and the Soviet Union in 1939 that opened the way for both nations to invade
"was the scene of the last great U.S. amphibious campaign in World War II. U.S. army and marine forces
Operation barbarossa
codename for Nazi Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union during World War II.

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