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Unit Test Review (Chapters 12-14)


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What territory did the United States and Britain jointly occupy?
Who first got permission from Spain to take American settlers into Texas?
Stephen Austin
What famous slogan was repeated by Texas in at the battle of San Jacinto that rallied them to victory?
"Remember the Alamo."
What unusual action did the Whig party take after John Tyler went went against decisions of the party?
They kicked John Tyler out of the party.
What treaty ended the Mexican-American war?
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
What river did the United States claim was the southern border of Texas?
Rio Grande
What territories did the U.S. gain from the Mexican-American War?
California and New Mexico
What president refused to annex Texas when it first became independent because he feared war with Mexico?
John Tyler
Manifest Destiny
the idea that America was divinely ordained by God to possess North American continent from Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean
Lone Star Republic
Republic of Texas
"His Accidency"
John Tyler became president after Harrison died
Webster-Ashburton Treaty
set boundaries of Maine and Canada
Name two westward trails and give the reason for their importance.
Santa Fe Trail- commercial route Mormon Trail- through Utah to California
Give three dangers travellers faced on the westward trails.
Rocky mountains, indians, weather
Name three of the campaign promises made and kept by President James K. Polk.
lower tariffs, restore treasury, acquire control of Oregon from England
Give three causes of the Mexican-American War.
Mexican resentment over annexation of Texas, Dispute over Texas-Mexican boundary, History of problems
Other than the treaty that ended the war, name three results of the Mexican-American War.
Gadsden Purchase, U.S. ceded California and New Mexico, U.S. paid Mexico $15 million for territory
What proposed law would have banned slavery in the territories gained from the Mexican War?
Wilmot Proviso
What proposed law help that Congress could not ban slavery in the territories gained from the Mexican War?
Calhoun Resolutions
In what place was the slave trade abolished as a result of the Compromise of 1850?
Washington, D.C.
What law divided the remainder of the Louisiana Territory into two territories which would determine the status of slavery based on popular Sovereignty?
Nebraska and Kansas Act
What fanatical abolitionist led an attack that killed five proslavery men at Pottawatomie Creek, Kansas?
John Brown
Why were the Republicans able to win the Presidency in 1860 more easily than would have been in other elections?
the democrats split their vote
Why did Dred Scott sue in court and believe he should be a free man?
He was living in a free state.
What was the status of Dred Scott as a direct result of the Supreme Court case?
Dred Scott could not sue because he was a slave and slaves aren't citizens.
Popular Sovereingnty
residents of the territory decided themselves the status on slavery in their territory
people who find gold
Preston Brooks/Charles Sumner
Charles Sumner (south) attacked Brooks (north) with a cane Charles was sent more by South and North said south was violent
Ordinance of Secession
South Carolina voted secede
Fort Sumter
Lincoln decided to send packages to Fort Sumter, as a result S.C. attacked the Fort
Jefferson Davis
elected President by the South
Harriet Tubman
famous conductor on the Underground Railroad
Harriet Beecher Stowe
author of Uncle Tom's Cabin
William Lloyd Garrison
editor of the Liberator
People involved in the Dred Scott Supreme Court case.
man: Dred Scott, Owner: Emerson, Chief Justice: Roger Tanney, Man who was sued: Sanford
Other than facts already listed or asked for on this quiz, name four facts about the Dred Scott case.
Slaves are not considered citizens, This made slavery legal everywhere, slaves are considered property and could be taken anywhere,
How did soldiers spend most of their time throughout the Civil War?
marching or in camp
Why was the border state of Kentucky important for Union forces to prevent it from seceding?
To protect Ohio River for transportation
Why was the border state of Maryland important for Union forces to prevent it from seceding?
To protect Washington, D.C.
After what event did the Union allow black soldiers to join the military and fight?
After the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation
How did guns improve in technology during the Civil War?
They had repeators, rifled guns, and gatling guns.
What were the name of the first ironclads of the Civil War?
monitor and merrimack
What was the significance of the battle between these two ironclads?
It showed the end of woodships
After what battle was Abraham Lincoln able to issue the Emancipation Proclamation?
Battle of Sharspburg
What states were not subject to the terms of the Emancipation Proclamation?
border states
What was President Lincoln's speech to dedicate a famous battlefield cemetary named?
Gettysburg Address
What Union general captured Atlanta?
After what battle did Robert E. Lee surrender to Union General Ulysses S. Grant?
Of what man can it be said that the Civil War started in his front yard and ended in his front parlor?
Wilmer McClean
What man shot and killed President Lincoln?
John Wilkes Booth
Border States
Kentucky, Missouri, Delaware, Maryland. These are the slave states that fought for the north.
Matthew Brady
famous photographer, photographed Civil War
Bull Run (Manassas)
first Civil War battle
Antietam (Sharpsburg)
bloodiest day of the war
caused the death of the Stonewall Jackson
Vicksburg, Mississippi
Grant captured control of the Mississippi River
March to the Sea
battle in Georgia; Sherman's destructive march through Gerogia
Appomattox Courthouse
Site where Lee surrendered to Grant
Ford's Theatre
place of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Strategies of the North
Naval blockade of South (strangle economy), take Mississippi River (split Confederacy in half), take Richmond (confederate capital), protect Washington D.C. (Anaconda plan)
Strategies of the South
break union blockade, gain recognition from France/England (cotton dependence), fight a defensive battle

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