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SS Constitution Terms 4th Grade


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What is the Constitution?
It is a document
What 2 things does the Constitution tell?
1. The government of the United States.
2. About the rights and freedoms of the American people.
In what year was the Constitution written?
Where was the Constitution written?
Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pa
Where is the Constitution kept?
In the National Archives in Washington, DC
Who runs the government?
The United states Government
Who settles questions about the laws?
Supreme Court
Who makes sure the laws are carried out?
The President
Who makes the Laws?
Name the three parts of government
People hat work in the House of Representatives are called?
People hat work in the Senate are called?
Both the Senators and Representatives are elected by who to these positions?
By the people of their states.
What does Congress do?
Makes the laws for our country.
Where does the Congress meet?
In the Capital building
Name the 2 parts of Congress.
House of Representatives
What things must happen for a bill to become a law?
1. Write the bill
2. Voted on bill and passed by House of Representatives.
3. Voted on and passed by Senate
4. Signed by President
What is the President called?
Commander in chief of the army and navy
How old must a President be?
Atleast 35 years of age
What does the President do?
1.Sees that national laws are carried out and the new laws are made.
2. Keeps army and navy strong to defend our country
What qualifications are needed to be President?
1. Must be born in US and have lived in the country for at least 14 years.
2. Be at least 35 years old
What does the Supreme Court Justices do?
Settle disagreements about laws and explain the Constitution.
How is a Supreme Court Justice appointed?
1. The Supreme Court needs a Justice
2. The President tells the Senate who he wants.
3. The Senate votes on the person.
4. If the Senate votes yes the person takes their place as Justice.

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