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Basil II
conquered Bulgars, emperor of Byzantium (1000 CE)
a priest from Alexandria; taught that Jesus had been a mortal human and that he was a creation of God; followers called Arians (300 CE)
An Lushan
Tang dynasty military commadner, mounted a rebellion and captured the capital Chang'an (750 CE)
Liudprand of Cremona
sent on diplamtic mission to Constantinople in 968 and described Byzantium in a harsh way
Al Ghazali
Sufi persian theologian (1100)
Song Taizu
first Song emperor (970 CE)
Omar Khayyam
poet; wrote the Rubaiyat "quatrains"
Harun al Rashid
caliph that reigned during the high point of Abbasid dynasty (800 CE)
St. Basil of Caesarea
patriarch of Constantinople druign the mid 4th century, urged monasteries to enchance their effectiveness
candidate for caliph after Muhammad's death; served briefly but was assassinated; partisans of Ali organized the Shia party (650 CE)
Prophet of Islam (570-632)
St. Simeon Stylite
most famous of the "pillar saints"; demonstrated ascetic commitments by perchin gon pillars for years at a time (5th century)
Zhu Xi
Neo Confucian Chinese Philosopher (1150 CE)
Roman emperor, designated Byzantium (Constantinople) as captial of Rome in 340
Abu Bakr
First caliph after the death of Muhammad (650 CE)
7th century Chinese monk who made a famous trip to India to collect Buddhist texts
Tang Taizong
Chinese emperor who founded the Tang dynasty (630 CE)
"sleepless emperor"; reconquered lands of W; reproduced ancient Roman Law 550 CE
Yang Jian
Chinese emperor who reunited northern and southern China almost 350 years after the fall of the Han; also called Sui Wen Ti (600 CE)
Byz historian that wrote about 2 Christian monks that worked in silk production
Vladimir of Kiev
converted to Orthodox Christianity and ordered his subjects to follow his example (1000 CE),
Muraskai Shikibu
a female Chinese writer, wrote The Tale of Genjji
Huang Chao
military commander that led an uprising of E China for almost a decade (875-884)
Justinian's wife, helped in political matters (520 CE)
Li Bo
most popular poet of the Tang era (750 CE)
St. Cyril, St. Methodius
missionaries sent to Balkan lands to convert the peoples to Orthodox Christianity; devised Cyrillic alphabet (mid 9th century)
Du Fu
foremost writer of China's golden age of poetry (712-770 CE)
Justinian's general that reconquered lands of W (550 CE)
Sui Yangdi
second emperor of Sui dynasty was assassinated in 618 CE
Ibn Rushd
12th century Muslim philosopher; qadi of Seville in Cordoba; work shaped Muslim philosophy
inaugurated iconoclasm- church policy "the breaking of icons"; destroyed religious images (730 CE)
Abu al Abbas
leader of the rebellion against the Umayyad; descendant of Muhammad's uncle (750 CE)

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