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Chapter 5 Africa


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This term means grasslands
a triangular shaped landform made by mud and silt deposited at a rivers mouth
a system of tracing descent through the males of the family
person who passes down customs, history, legend, art and poetry through storytelling
on the southern border of the sahara known as "the shore of the desert"
a person who communicates with the spirit world
the relationship among family members
In 1235, this event marked the fall of Ghana and the end of King Sumanguru's reign while it gave rise to the kingdom of Mali
Battle of Kirina
honor and reverence paid to one's deceased relatives
ancestor worship
Mali's greatest ruler who was a devout Muslim
Mansa Musa
Many residents of the Sahara left the region between 5000 and 2500 B.C. because
the climate became drier and hotter
Nok people settled near the Niger to do all of the following EXCEPT
work the gold mines
Which of the following was NOT brought to West Africa by Arab traders?
the practice of ancestor worship
Where did most West African's live?
in small farming villages
The ideal crop for West Africa's wetter regions was
The Nok people were the first West Africans to use
What made Ghana's location good for trade?
it was situated between the salt mines and the gold mines
The capital city of Nok was..
What were the duties of the village chief in West Africa?
resolved disputes, acted as judges and kept order
In Ghana, when a king died, the person named as the new king was
the King's sister's son
As Africans left the Sahara to find better farm land, they settled along the banks of the
Niger River
Less than 100 years after Ghana's defeat, the most powerful kingdom, in Africa was
In the 1300's European mapmakers began putting Mali on maps of Africa because of its role in
international trade
West Africans used different ways of farming so they could
farm in places with different types of land or climate
If a clan owed money to another clan, it could repay its debt by sending
some members out to other clan as temporary slaves

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