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When recources are limited and our wants are unlimited
The desire of something we would like to have
Limited things that people have to gain
Physical intellectual, and creative talents
Human Resources
Gifts of nature
Natural resources
Resources made and used by people to producegoods and services
Capital Resources
Value of what you give upin order to get what you want
Oppertunity Costs
Learning how to manage your money wisely
Personal Finance
A person that has his/her own business
Investing in people primarily through educaqtion and trading
Human Capital
Total amount of money earned before any deductions are made
Gross Pay
The amount left after all deductions
Net Pay
Money you pay the government for services provided by the federal government
Federal Income tax
Money you pay the state you live in
State Income Tax
Money you set aside for old-age
Social Security tax
Money you put away for certain health care insurence
Medicare Tax
Insurence coverage used to pay a salary to those that are unemployed
State Unemployment Insurence
Insurence coverage used to pay a salary for people that have gotten hurt during the job
Workers Compensation Insurence
Insurence coverage that pays a beneficiary in the event that an employee dies
Life Insurence
The person that ischosen to recieve life insurence money if a loved one dies
Insurence coverage if you are unable to work due to health reasons
Disability Insurence
Insurence coverage for medical care expenses
Medical Insurence
Insurence coverage for dental care expenses
Dental Insurence
A tax-deferred plan for retirement
Retirement Savings Plans
Use your summations of the modules to list an define any terms relative to taxes
Tax Terms

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