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The ability to function normally in daily living
objectively diagnosed biological or mental condition
Subjective feeling of being unwell, of having ill health
The totality of social relationships among organized groups
Social factors
All the phenomena involved with the interactions between 2 or more people
Being unequal
Health Inequality
Differences in health between groups
Injustice or Unfairness
Health Inequity
Differences in health between groups, that are unjust or unfair
Unavoidable Scarcity
The resources is FINITE and not able to be reallocated from other sources
Economic Scarcity
The SIZE of the resource is determined by its PRIORITY
Socioeconomic Status
A complex mix of social and economic circumstances of an individual or group of individuals
Suggested that the relationship does not exist (Artificial Relationship
Welfare level below a reasonable minimum
Absolute poverty
A condition characterized by severe deprivation of basic human needs

Includes Food, safe drinking water, sanitation, facilities, health shelter, education & information. It depends not only on income but also on access to services

Relative Poverty
Lack the resources to obtain the type of diet, participate in the activities and have the living conditions and amenities which are customary, or at least widely encouraged or approved of in the societies to which they belong.
Social Support
Measured by the amount and frequency of contact with social network members and in terms of the perceived quality and stability of supportive relationships.
Social Capital
Degree of SOCIAL COHESION which exists in communities. It refers to the processes between people which establish networks, norms and social trust and facilitate co-ordination and co-operation for mutual benefit
Lower SES behave in ways more likely to damage health

High SES behave in ways less likely to damage health

Natural Selection
Individuals are 'selected' into High/Low SES (genetic superiority implied for HIGH SES)
Social Selection - UPWARD mobility
Healthy individuals more likely to thrive
Social Selection - DOWNWARD Mobility
Unhealthy Individuals more likely to struggle
During life, Individual moves up or down SES
Due to class of origin, Individual moves up or down SES
Direct selection
Selection based on current health status
Indirect selection
Selection based on potential health marker
Historical events
Groups who have experiences significant or traumatic events are in lower SES OR will end up in a Lower SES

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