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Jamestown 2


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Married Pocahontas, resulting in a period of peace between the English and the Powhatans.
John Rolfe
The location of the second English settlement in Virginia
This person developed a better tasting tobacco on his farm in Henrico.
John Rolfe
The primary occupation of the settlers in the 1600's and 1700's
The type of resource exported to England from Virginia
Capital resources
The first elective representative government in Virginia
House of Burgesses
Where the House of Burgesses first met
The primary reason the Virginia Company of London wanted to establish the Virginia colony
Economic gain
A group of people who came to Jamestown in 1620 ( 1619) to marry the men and develop a family life
90 young women on the Bride Ship
The group of people used as free labor to meet the demand for tobacco in England
African Americans
Virginia's Cash Crop

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