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International Affairs Midterm


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Which country intervened on behalf of the North Koreans
When the Korean War started the US planned to
send troups immediatley
What brought the Chinese into the Korean Conflict
US Firing artillery across the Yalu River
The border between North and South Korea before the Korean war was
38th parallel
The border between North and South Korea after the Korean war was the
38th parallel
The Us General who pushed the North Koreans back to the Yalu river was
The president of the US during the war was
After WWII the USSR supported and occupied which section of Korea
North Korea
After WWII the US supported and occupied which section of Korea
South Korea
Which country was the afressor at the start of the Korean Conflict
North Korea
The area separating the North and the South in Korea is called
The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)
The US attacked the North Koreans with a suprise amphibious assault in their first offensive in
The general who took over for the General fired by President Truman was
The capital of the North Korean state was
The capital of South Korea was
What percentages of UN troops fighting in Korea were American
How far did the North Koreans with Chinese assistance push the UN forces after China joined the conflict
almost 100 miles past the 38th parallel
What was the opinoin of americans when Truman fired General MacArthur
they were outraged because he was a WWII hero
At the conclusion of the conflict, the war could be considered
a stalemate
What was the final straw in the fight between MacArthur and Truman
MacArthurs letter to the news agencies and politicians
Which Chinese government was a member of the UN's Security Council until 1973
The leader of the Nationalists in the Chinese Revolution was
Chiang Kai-shek
The leader of the Communist in the Chinese revolution was
Moa Zedong
The Nationalist leader fled China for Taiwan, known then as
The Communists in China renamed the country the
Peoples Republic of China
Dunring the Chinese civil war, the communists won because they controlled the
country side
During the Chinese Civil wae, the nationalists lost because they controlled the
Mao Zedong plan to industrialize China was called
The Great Leap Forward
The Great Cultural Revolution was
a counter-revolution within china was
The Nationalist leader fled China for Tiawan, known then as
During the Chinese civil war, the communists won because they controlled the
country side
during the chinese civil war, the nationalists lost because they controlled the
Mao Zedong plan to industrialize Cina was called
The Great Leap Forward
The Radical students who supported Mao were known as
the Red Guards
temporary suspension of hostilities by agreement between the opponents
to enter by force and conquer
the area in Korea which separates North and South Korea
38th parallel
a govt whose affairs are directed by an outside authority
puppet regime
a situation in which further action is blocked or deadlocked
a return attack or a counter assault
An area of land established by the July 27, 1953 Armistice Agreement along the approximate line of ground contact betwwn the opposing forces at the timethe truce ended the Korean War
DMZ (demilitarized zone)
Large bore crew-served mounted firearms
executed by corrdinated action of land, sea, and air forces organized for invasion
amphibious landing
a massive inexplorable force, campaign, movement,or object that crushes whatever is in its path
The president of the US during the Bay of Pigs was
The President of the US during the Cuban Missile Crisis was
The leader of the USSR during the Cuban Missile Crisis was
The USSR attempted to build missile bases on what island
The leader of Cuba before the revolution was
The revolutionaries called themselves
the 26th of July movement
What happenedto Baptista after the revolution
he fled the country
the US was worried about what happened in Cuba because
all of the above
how did the US find out about missile bases in Cuba
spies and cuba and planes flying over cuba
The US decided to do what about the second letter sent by the USSR
ignore it and follow the first letter
the missiles in Cuba had the maximum capability of reaching as far as
New York
At the conclusion of the Missile Crisis the USSR was
forced to remove all materials for Cuba
at teh conclusion of the missile crisis the US was
forced to promise not to invade Cuba
The US President was angry because the USSR was able to use the US missiles in Turkey against them, even though he had
already ordered them removed
the raw materials in Cuba, had which the US wanted, was
sugar cane
the group of conter revolutionaries who attacked the Bay of Pigs were
Cuban exiles trained by the CIA
The forces attacking the Bay of Pigs never recieved what from the US
Military Aide during the assault
Castro asked for military aide from the USSR because
he feared US Attack
The US decided to do what to stop the USSR missiles from being built in Cuba
Blockade USSR ships
The USSR was angry the US wanted missiles out of Cuba because
the US had missiles in Turkey
The main function of the Security Council of the US is to
investigate world conflicts
The UN world court is located in
The Netherlands
All member nations are represented in which part of the UN
the General Assembly
The General Assembly meets
atleast once a year
Each Nation's voting strenghth in the General Assembly is according to
the principle of one vote per nation
Which organ of the UN was given primary responsibility for investigating situations that threaten World Peace
the secutity council
the non-premenent members of the Security council are selected by the
general assembly
the security council has the power to
recommend the use of force to stop agression
the veto power in the UN is held by
the 5 permenent members of the secutity council
the country that has the most often blocked actions in the UN by use of the veto is
the Soviet Union
one function of the economic and social council is to
direct the economies of underdeveloped nations
a territory under the protection of the UN but administered by a member nation is called
A leading member of the UN that was never a member of the League of Nations is
the US
A major criticism of the voting procedure in the security council is that
the soviet union has as much power as the US
The distribution of pwer within the security council is based on the principle that
agreement amoong the major nations is necessary if the organiztion is to succeed
to fill the office of secretary general of the UN, a person must be
recommended by the General assembly and appointed by the security council
the trusteeship council no long has much importance because
no trust territory remains
which is a major obstacle to UN efforts to deal with international political issues
effective UN action requires cooperation among the major powers
which group of conditions is most characteristic of Thir World or emerging nations
poverty, illiteracy, growing population
the two nations that emerged as major world powers following WWII were
the US and the Soviet Union
the cold war involved tension between
the soviet and western powers
in 1947, the US responded to the threat of Soviet expansion by
issuing the Truman Doctrine
the Marshall Plan was designed to
help european nations recover economically from the war
The Truman Doctrine stated that they US would
support free peoples who were resisting communist take overs
Berlin was divided into four parts after WWII the US, the Soviet Union, France and
Great Britain
Part of the UN which oversees legal issuses of member
International Court of Justice
US plan to support countries being threatened by communists
Truman Doctrine
US plan to support European nations economically until they got back on their feet at end of WWII
Marshal Plan
Part of the UN where all member nations have a vote
General Assembly
Part of the UN which attempts to improve living conditions
Economic and Social Council
Part of the UN which oversees nations attempting to get on their feet
Trusteeship Council
Treaty of the Soviet Bloc countries
Warsaw Pact
Part of the UN with the only "real" power
Security Council
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
The administrative branch of the UN
The first puppet leader in South Vietnam was
The North Vietnamese military arm in the South were called
the Viet Cong
The battle which finally force the French to give up their fight in Vietnam was
Dien Bien Phu
The leader of the North Vietnamese was
Ho Chi Min
The US was able to send ground troops into Vietnam because of
the Gulf of Tonkin
The theory "if one country called to communism, those surrounding it will also fall" is know as
the Domino theory
After the Tet offesive, US Commanders wer very worried about what, to show the American people the military was actually winning the war
body counts
The main supply route for the North Vietnamese military was called
The Ho Chi Minh Trail
In an attempt to defoliate the jungles, the US used what dropped from planes
Napalm and Agent Orange
The event which affected the US ability to win the wa, was
the Tet Offensive
The document which outlomed the falsities of the Gulf of Tonkin incident was called
the Pentagon papers
President Nixon's attempt at turning the war over to the South vietnamesse was called
The battle which many felt resembled Dean Bien Phu for the US was fought at
Khe Sahn
The college protest where National Guardsmen killed students was at
Kent State U
The incident in which a US platoon destroyed a Vietnamese village and killed all of its inhabitants was
the My Lai massacre
The US officer who was found responsible for the massacre was
2LT Calley
The capital city of North Vietnam is
The tactics of the Viet Cong was called
guerilla warfare
Once the Vietnam War ended the new name for Saigon was
Ho Chi Minh City
Most US soldiers being drafted for the Vietnam war were from
poor families
A war fought without the use of nuclear weopons in the nuclear age is considered
a non-conventional war
the French wanted to gain control over Vietnam after WWII because they wanted
all of the above
When the French involvement in Vietnam ended the US refused to participate in the
Paris Conference
The most effective anti war group in the US was the
Vietnam Veterans Against the War
Where was teh battle scenes in We Were Soldiers located
Il Drang Valley
Which US President sent advisors to Vietnam first
Which US President began carpet-bombing campaigns in Vietnam in the hope of ending the war
Which US president was in office when the war finally ends for the US?
Teh Secretary of State who negotiated the US withdrawl of Vietnam was
The North Vietnamese Military believed it would take 2 years to overthrow the Soth after the US leaves. How long did it actually take
55 days
In 1917 the British promised to set up a homeland for the Jewish people in what document
the Balfour Declaration
Where was the homeland supposed to be located
Teh movement that called for the Jewish people to have their own hoemland was called
Teh end of WWII calese what to occur in Palestine
Huge Jewish immigration into the area
Who was the first to propose the creaton of two searate states in Palestine
The British
in the 1940s what put pressure on the British to increase teh number of Jews allowed to immigrate
The holocaust
who actually passed the resolution calling for the partition of Palestine into 2 states
the UN
What area woud be considered an international zone in this resolution
Which group declared their statehood first
the Arabs
Teh name of the new state was
Who recognized the new state within hours of its proclamation
the US
Which of the following countries was involved in the first attack on isreal
At the conclusion of the first Arab Isreali conflict who increased their territory by 50%
Why would the Arab nations not set up a Paelsinian state
in definace of the UN
Who enforced an economic boycott against Isreal and against Western companies doing drugs
The Arab League
In 1955 Egypt made an arms deal with
the USSR
The Sinai Campaign of 1956 was initiated by
The term "fedayeen" means
Arab Guerilla forces
During the 10 years of peace between 1956-1967 Egypt became allied with Jordan and Syria
Jordan and Syria
at the conclusion of the 1967 war Isreal seized what from Jordan
Arab terroristes murdered 11 Isrealis at what event in Munich
The Olympic Games
The Egyptian President who died in 1970 was
The Prime minister of Isreal in 1978 was
Menachem Begin
The last Arab Isreali war was called the
Yom Kippur War
What country did Isreali forces briefly occupy to end PLO activities there

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