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Chinese Character Frequency List (501-1000)

A list of commonly used characters, from rank 501 to 1000. (Source:


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jin1/jin4 endure, to prohibit/to forbid
jing1 eye
cai2 money/wealth/riches/property/valuables
pai4 clique/school/group/faction/to dispatch
zai3/zai4 year, to carry/to convey/to load/to hold/and/also/as well as/simultaneously
fu4 pay
yuan2 root/source/origin
du2 poison/narcotics
yan1 cigarette/tobacco/smoke
chun1 spring (time)/gay/joyful/youthful/love/lust/life
le4/lei1 rein in, strangle
lao2 toil
tuo1 to shed/to take off/to escape/to get away from
ye3 field/plain/open space/limit/boundary/rude/wild
yu2/yu3 I, to give
song1 loose/pine, loose
xiao4 imitate, effect/efficacy/imitate
fang2 to protect/to defend/to guard (against)
re4 heat/to heat up/fervent/hot (of weather)/warm up
tui1 push/refuse (responsibility)/shove
he1/he4 my goodness/to drink, shout applause
shou4 to teach/to instruct/to award/to give
zheng1 attack/levy (troops or taxes)/journey/trip/expedition
song4 to deliver/to carry/to give (as a present)/to present (with)/to see off/to send
bai4 be defeated/to defeat/loss
hei1 black/dark
huan2 bracelet/ring (not for finger)/to surround/to loop/loop
jian1/jian4 imbue, gradual/gradually
bian1 weave/plait/organize/group/arrange/edit/compile/write/compose/fabricate
he2 river
jiao4/xiao4 proofread/to check/to compare, school
shi4 conditions/influence/tendency
yun2 (classical) to say, cloud/(abbr.) for Yunnan/surname
li2/li4 Korea, beautiful
wu3 martial/military
sha1 granule/hoarse/raspy/sand/powder
chao2/zhao1 to face/towards/facing/direct/a dynasty/the imperial court/(abbr.) Korea, esp. N. Korea, morning
fan4 food/cuisine/cooked rice/meal
pi2 leather/skin/fur
you2 to walk/to tour/to roam/to swim/to travel, to roam/travel
huai4 bad/spoiled, bad
zhu2 to pursue/to chase/individually/one by one
fou3/pi3 to negate/to deny/not, clogged/evil
yi2 to doubt/to misbelieve/to suspect
nan2 male
le4/yue4 (surname)/happy/laugh/cheerful, (surname)/music
zuo4 to sit/to take a seat/to take (a bus, airplane etc.)
xian1/xian3 fresh, few/rare
yi1 he/she/(surname)/Iraq (abbrev.)
shi1 (surname)/distribute (alms)/to do/to execute/to carry out
qiu2 ball/sphere
fu4 rich
an4 dark/gloomy/hidden/secret, to shut the door/unilluminated
pu3 general/popular/everywhere/universal
xun2 to search/to look for/to seek
dou4/du2 comma/phrase marked by pause, to read/to study
hu4 mutual
ye4 (surname)/leaf/page
hu2 lake
zhuang4 accusation/suit/state/condition/strong/great
xiang1 country/village
lian3 face
shi4 room
jing1 capital/Beijing (abbrev.)
yi1 according to/depend on/near to
ban1 sort/kind/class/way/manner
xing1/xing4 flourish/it is the fashion to/to become popular, interest
mou2 to plan/seek/scheme
zha2/zha4 fry, explode
you3 friend
li3 gift/propriety/rite
shang1 injure/injury/wound
mi3 (measure word) meter/rice
ce4 method/plan/policy/scheme
yin1 sound/noise/news
zhi4 fine and close, to send/to devote/to deliver/to cause/to convey
ze2 beneficence/marsh
di4 emperor
man4 slow
peng2 friend
kuo4 enclose/include
wen2 (surname)/hear/sniff at
shu1 to transport/to lose
chong1/chong4 to rinse/to collide/to water/to rush/to dash (against)/to wash out/to charge/highway/public road, dash against, strong/powerful/forceforce/towards
pi1 to ascertain/(measure word for batches, lots)/to act on/to criticize/to pass on
chuang1/chuang4 a wound/cut/injury/trauma, begin/initiate/inaugurate/start/create
fan4 pattern/model/example/(surname)
luo4 (surname)/name of a river
huai2 to think of/to cherish/mind/heart/bosom
wen1 (luke)warm/to review
xiang1 fragrant/incense/(of food) savory/appetizing/sweet/scented/popular
xie3/xue4 blood, blood
qiang1 gun/firearm/rifle/spear, rifle/spear
zhi1 weave
pa4 to be afraid/to fear
mo2 imitate/model/norm/pattern
dun4 a time/jerk/stop/meal/bout/spell/(measure for beating)
shi2/si4 animal feed/eat/food, to feed
shen4 very/extremely/more (than)
jue2 cut short/extinct/to disappear/to vanish/absolutely/by no means
zhong4 multitude
xiang3 to make a sound/to sound/to ring/(a measure word for sound)/loud
ju4 very large/huge/tremendous/gigantic
zu2 foot/to be sufficient
sha1 to kill/to murder/to slaughter
shu3/zhu3 belong to/category/be subordinate to/genus (taxonomy)/be born in the year of (one of the 12 animals)/family members/dependants, join together/fix one's
mou3 (used before measure word and noun) some/(a) certain/so and so
gai4 general/approximate
ju4 (a measure word, for sentences or lines of verse)/sentence
yuan2 garden
yi1/yi4 clothes, gown/to dress/to wear
jie1 rank or step/stairs
ji4 discipline/age/era/period/order/record
na2 to hold/to seize/to catch/to apprehend/to take
nin2 you (formal)
gu3 ancient/old
zhang3 in charge of/palm of hand
lei2 (surname)/thunder
chuan2 a boat/vessel/ship
shen3 to examine/to investigate/carefully/to try (in court)
deng1 scale/climb/ascend/mount/go up/register/note/to publish/to issue/to record
ba1 (suff. for certain nouns)/to hope/to wish/Palestinian, Palestine (abbrev.)/Pakistan (abbrev.)/Pascal (unit of pressure)
lu:4/lv4 anxiety
shi4 explain/to release
tu3 earth/dust
wei2 to circle/to surround
lie4 ardent/intense/split/crack/rend
chang3 cliff/slope/factory/yard/depot/workhouse/works/(industrial) plant
jian3 simple
hui1 scatter/wield/wipe away
gang3 harbor/Hong Kong (abbr.)
wu1 house/room
jie4 introduce/lie between/between
du2 alone/independent/single/sole/only
gong1 palace
ping2 to discuss/to comment/to criticize/to judge/to choose (by public appraisal)
di4 younger brother
wei4 speak of
zong1 school/sect/purpose/model/ancestor/family
yan2 (air or water) tight/stern/serious/strict/severe
feng1 to confer/to grant/to seal/(a measure word)
jing3 bright/circumstance/scenery
zhi2 execute (a plan)/grasp
song4 (surname)/name of a dynasty
bei1/bei4 carry on one's back, to be burdened/to carry on the back or shoulder, learn by heart/the back of the body
su4 fast/rapid/quick
zhong1 clock/time as measured in hours and minutes/bell
hao2 hair/drawing brush/(in the) least/one thousandth
ou1 Europe
hua2/hua4 to row, to delimit/to transfer/to assign/to differentiate/to mark off/to draw (a line)/to delete/stroke of a Chinese character
diao4 to drop/to fall
ge1 elder brother
ha1/ha3 laughter/yawn, a Pekinese/a pug
huan1 joyous/happy/pleased
shei2/shui2 who, who
sui4 year/years old/(a measure word)
cai3/cai4 to pick/to pluck/to collect/to select/to choose/to gather, affairs/gather, allotment to a feudal noble
cha1/cha4/chai1/ci1 difference/discrepancy/to differ/error/to err/to make a mistake, differ from/short of/to lack/poor, send/a messenger/a mission/to commissio
cai2 material
ju4 drama/play/show/severe
zhen4 disposition of troops/short period/wave/spate/burst/spell
ce4 side/to lean/to survey/to measure/conjecture
tui4 retreat/to decline/to move back/to withdraw
yi4 benefit/increase
zuo4 seat/base/stand/measure word for large, solid things
zhu4 to help/to assist
shi1 poem/poetry/verse
zui4 guilt/crime/fault/blame/sin
hu1 to call/to cry/to shout/to breath out/to exhale
que1 lack/scarce/vacant post/to run short of
xi4 fine/minutely/thin/slender
pei4 to join/to fit/to mate/to mix/to match/to deserve/to make up (a prescription)
cuo4 mistake/error/blunder/fault/cross/uneven/wrong
bi3 pen/pencil/writing brush/to write or compose/the strokes of Chinese characters
zhi4 the will, sign/mark/to record/write a footnote
chao1 to exceed/overtake/surpass/transcend/ultra-/super-/to pass/to cross
hai2 child
zhi3 to stop/toe
wei4 to guard/to protect/to defend/(surname)
shu4 to state/to tell/to narrate/to relate
dan1/dan4 to undertake/to carry/to shoulder/to take responsibility, a picul (133.33 lbs.)/burden/a load/responsibility
bi4 avoid/shun/flee/escape/leave/to keep away/to leave/to hide
jiang4/xiang2 to drop/to fall/to come down/to descend, surrender
an4 (legal) case/incident/record/file/table
yang1 beg/center
ji4 already/since/both... (and...)
yu3 rain
kuai1/kuai4 piece/chunk/lump/(measure word for chunks, lumps), yuan (unit of currency)/fast (of a watch)/swift/rapid/hape word, for cloth, cake, soap)
ka3/qia3 to check/to stop/to block/card, customs station/to be choked/to fasten/to clip/to wedge/checkpost
ban3 board/plank/plate/slab, boss
chuan1 to bore through/pierce/perforate/penetrate/pass through/to dress/to wear/to put on/to thread
lu3 crass/place name
xie2 cooperate/harmonize/to help/to assist/to join
fo2/fu2 Buddha/Buddhism, seemingly
yong3 forever/always/perpetual (ly)
gan3 dare
ruo4 to seem/like/as/if
fang2 house
niang2 mother/young lady, mother/troubled
tao2 to escape/to run away/to flee
wu4 mistake/error/to miss/to harm/to delay/to neglect
liao2 to treat/to cure
mi4 secret
xi1 to breathe/to suck in/to absorb/to inhale
jiu4 old (opposite of new)/former
jun1 monarch/lord/gentleman/ruler
bao3 a jewel or gem/a treasure/precious
ye4 night
chen2 arrange/exhibit/narrate/tell/old/stale/a surname/to state/to display/to explain/(surname)
yu2 fish
huang2 (surname)/sulfur/yellow
nuo4 to promise/to yes
fu4 father
ju3 to lift/to hold up/to cite/to enumerate/to act/to raise/to choose/to elect
gou4 to reach/to be enough
yu4 meet with
da1/da2 to answer/agree, reply/answer/return/respond/echo
meng4 to dream
hua4 draw/picture/painting
jiu4 to save/to assist/to rescue
kuan3 section/paragraph/funds
ze2/zhai2 to select/to choose/to pick, pick over
hu2 (surname)/beard/what why how, beard/mustache
wei1 micro/tiny/miniature
zhou1 (United States) state/province/sub-prefecture
xuan1 to declare (publicly)/to announce
you4 right (-hand)
jun1 equal/even/all/uniform
xie4 (surname)/to thank
chu3 (surname)/ancient place name/distinct/clear/orderly/pain/suffering/(a surname)
gu4 look after/take into consideration/to attend to
jiang3 to talk/speech/to speak/to tell/to explain
bo2 father's elder brother/senior/paternal elder uncle/eldest of brothers/respectful form of address
gou4 Broussonetia papyrifera/to construct/to form/to make up/to compose
duan4 (surname)/paragraph/section/segment
fan4 to violate/to offend
qi1 seven/7
ji1 to arouse/to incite/to excite/to stimulate/sharp/fierce/violent
lu4/lou4 to show/to reveal/to expos/dew
he2 nuclear/atomic/stone (of fruit)
shang4 still/yet/to value/to esteem
shui4 taxes/duties
huo4 to catch/to obtain/to capture, reap/harvest
gong1/gong4 offer (information etc.)/supply, offer/sacrificial offering/trial statement/confession
jing1 to start/to be frightened/to be scared/alarm
li4 example/precedent/rule/case/instance
jing4 border/place/condition/boundary/circumstances/territory
shu4 bunch/(a measure word)/to bind/to control
ge2 leather/remove
long2 dragon/imperial/Long (a surname)
liu4/lu4 six (fraud-proof), (surname)/shore/land/continent
kang1 peaceful/spongy (of radishes)
yu4 nourish/to rear
zhi4 wisdom/knowledge
a1/a2/a3/a4/a (interj.)/ah, an interjection/to express doubt or to question/to show realization/to stress, (interj. for surprise), oh (interjection), (a modaapproval, or consent)
ci2 works/phrases/classical Chinese poem/word/diction
shan4 good
liao4 material/stuff/grain/feed/to expect/to anticipate/to guess
huan4 change/exchange
ban1 team/class/rank/squad/a work shift/a measure word/(a surname)
shun4 to obey/to follow/to arrange/to make reasonable/along/favorable
fu4 lose/negative (math. etc.)/to bear/to carry (on one's back)
yin4 stamp/seal/mark/print/India (abbrev.)
zhi4 to install/to place/to put
mo4 do not/there is none who
xiang4 (surname)/back of neck/item/thing
chu1 at first/(at the) beginning/first/junior/basic
hong2 bonus/popular/red/revolutionary
e2 volume/amount/quantity/forehead/quota
ting2 court/courtyard
lue4 plan/strategy/outline/summary/slightly/rather/to rob/to plunder/to summarize
wang2 to die/to perish
za2 mixed/miscellaneous/various/to mix
tao3 ask for/send punitive expedition/to demand/to marry
zhang1 (surname)/chapter/seal/section
lu:4/shuai4/lv4 rate/frequency, to lead/command
zu2 race/nationality/ethnicity/clan
shi4 to fit/to suit
ji4 to continue/to follow after/then/afterwards/to go on with/to succeed/to inherit
fen4 (a measure word for gifts, copies of a newspaper)/copy (of newspaper, magazine, etc.)/share/portion/part/(a measure word)
tai4 attitude
fu4 secondary/auxiliary/deputy/assistant/vice-/(measure word for a pair)
luan4 in confusion/disorderly
xu4 order/sequence/preface
sheng1/sheng4 (also sheng4) able to do/competent enough to, peptide, victorious
xi2 to practice/to study/habit
hu4 a household/door/family
xian4 a district/county
ji2 lucky
cha2 examine/inquire/observe/inspect/look into/to examine
kong4 to accuse/to charge/to control/to sue
wei1 danger/to endanger
ting2 to stop/to halt
mian3 to exempt/to remove/to avoid/to excuse
ni2 Buddhist nun/(often used in phonetic spellings)
cang2/zang4 to hide away/to conceal/to harbor/store/accumulate, storehouse/depository/Buddhist or Taoist scripture/Zang/Tibet
lou2 house with more than 1 story/storied building/floor
ken3 to agree/to consent/to be ready (to do sth)/willing
lu4 to record/to hit/to copy
mang2 busy
jia3/jia4 fake/false/artificial/to borrow/if/suppose, vacation
gui4 expensive/noble/your (name)/precious
ling2 alert/departed soul/efficacious/quick/effective/intelligence
jian1/jian4 hard/strong/solid/firm/to supervise/to inspect/jail/prison, supervisor
tong4 ache/pain/sorrow
jian4 warship
yuan4 sincere/willing, hope/wish/desire/ready/willing
ju1 reside
liang4 light/bright
di1 to lower (one's head)/to let droop/to hang down/low/to incline/beneath/low
jie3 older sister
yi4 (interj.)/raise/to stop, different/unusual/strange
jie4 to lend/to borrow/excuse/pretext/by means of
zuo3 left
jiu3 wine/liquor/spirits
wan1 bay/gulf
na3/na/nei3 how/which, (final part. preceded by N), which (followed by M or Num)
gang1 hard/firm/strong/just/barely/exactly
han4 Chinese/name of a dynasty
sun3 to damage/injure/to lose/to harm
en1 kind act (from above)
yu2 extra/surplus/remaining/after/I/me
wei4 taste
na4 to accept/to pay (tax etc.)
e2 suddenly/very soon/Russian
xi3 to be fond of/to like/to enjoy/to be happy/to feel pleased/happiness/delight/glad
zhan1/zhan4 to observe/to divine, to divine, to occupy/to constitute/to make up/to account
ke4 customer/visitor/guest
su4 complain/sue/tell
ji1 to amass/to accumulate/to store/old/long-standing
gan3 to catch up/to overtake/to hurry/to rush/to drive away
yang2 foreign/ocean
lan2 orchid
ban3 a register/a block of printing/an edition/version/page
an4 to press (with the hand)/to push/to control/to restrain/to check/pressing down (brush movement in painting)/according to/in the light of
mu4 tree/wood
liu2 (surname)/to kill
you1 excellent/superior
dao3 island
ying2 army/to deal in/to trade/to operate/to run/camp/nourishment/to manage
er3 ear
gu1 paternal aunt
zhao1 provoke/to recruit
zhui1 pursue (a problem)/to chase
hang2 boat/ship/vessel/craft/to navigate/to sail
kang4 to resist/to fight/to defy
gu4 happening/instance/reason/cause/deceased/old
shuang1 two/double/pair/both
xing1 star/satellite/small amount
kao4 depend upon/lean on/near/by/against/to support
kun3/kun4 a bunch/tie together, distress/sleepy/doze off, sleepy/doze off
cheng2 to bear/to carry/to hold/to continue/to undertake/to take charge/owing to/due to/to receive
tiao4 jump/hop/skip (a grade)/to leap/to bounce/to beat
yu4 to advance/in advance/beforehand/to prepare
e3/e4/wu4 nauseated, evil, to hate/to loathe
sheng4 holy/sacred/saint/sage
hu1 suddenly
ku3 bitter/intensely/miserable/painful
huang2 (surname)/emperor
yi2 to move/to shift/to change/to alter/to remove
pai2/pai3 a platoon/line up, row of logs or boards
bo2 extensive/ample/rich/obtain/aim/to win/to get/rich/plentiful/to gamble
sheng1 to raise/to hoist/to promote/pint, ascend/peaceful, promoted
jing4 unexpectedly/actually/to go so far as to/indeed
sheng3/xing3 frugal/save/to omit/to leave out/to save (money)/province, comprehend/introspect/visit
hun1 to marry/marriage/wedding/to take a wife
shi4 to test/to try/experiment/examination/test
xi2 banquet/woven mat/seat/place, woven mat
wang3 net/network, a net
mu3 female/mother
jian4 healthy
xiao1 to melt/to do away with/to sell
gu3 share/portion/section/part/thigh/(a measure word, e.g. use with electric current)/whiff
jian3 to lower/to decrease/to reduce/to subtract/to diminish
lin2 to face/to overlook/to arrive/to be (just) about to/just before
mai3 buy
rong2 glory/honored
bang1 to assist/to support/to help/group/gang/party
leng3 cold
sun1 grandson
yi2 to lose/to leave behind
mi4 secret/confidential/close/thick/dense
ji1/qi2 odd (Num), strange/odd/weird/wonderful
gui1 to go back/to return
san3/san4 leisurely/loosen/powdered medicine/to scatter/to come loose, adjourn/scatter
yang3 give birth/keep (pets)/to support/to bring sb. up/to raise (pig, etc.)
nao3 brain
mie4 extinguish
hu4 protect
bo1 wave/ripple/storm/surge
zhi2 value/(to be) worth/to happen
piao4 bank note/ticket
gong1 to attack/to accuse/to study
zhi2 office/duty
xian4 limit/bound
pao4 cannon/gun/firecracker, gun/cannon
bu3 to repair/to patch/to mend/to make up for/to fill (a vacancy)/to supplement
ya2 tooth/ivory
suo3 to search/to demand/to ask/to exact/large rope/isolated
jian4 (double-edged) sword
chong1 fill/satisfy/fulfill/to act in place of/substitute/sufficient/full
an4 bank/shore/beach/coast
mao2 hair/pore/fur
de/di3 (possessive part.)/(subor. part.), background/bottom/base
kong3 afraid/frightened/to fear
qun2 crowd/flock/group
reng2 still/yet/to remain
dai1/dai4 stay/delay, wait/treat/deal with/need/about/intending to do something
ban4 half/semi-/incomplete/(after a number) and a half/half
yi4 skill/art
su1 loquacious/nag, revive, (plant)/place name/revive
jiao3/jue2 angle/horn/horn-shaped, Chinese musical note/angle/horn
zhong1 end/finish
zhua1 to grab/to catch/to arrest/to snatch
tian2 (surname)/field/farm
jie2/jie1 festival/section/segment/point/part/to economize/to save/temperate
yu4 field/region/area/domain (taxonomy)
yao4 medicine/drug/cure
zhan4 station/to stand/to halt/to stop
gu4 hard/strong/solid/sure
yin1 (of weather) overcast/Yin/feminine/moon/cloudy/negative (electric.)/shady
huo4 goods/money/commodity
tang2 Tang dynasty (618-907)
jian1 strong/solid/firm/unyielding/resolute
yi4 also
su4 plain/element
ze2 duty/responsibility/to reproach/to blame
jia4 to support/frame/rack/framework/measure word for planes, large vehicles, radios, etc.
jiu3 (long) time/(long) duration of time
you2 oil/sly
yao2 shake/to rock
tan4 to explore/to search out/to scout/to visit
can1/shen1 take part in/participate/join/attend/to join/unequal/varied/irregular/to counsel/uneven/not uniform, ginseng
liu2 leave (message)/to retain/to stay/to remain/to keep/to preserve
wei2 to preserve/to maintain/to hold together/dimension
du1 supervise
cun1 village
xing2 model
sui1 although/even though
yan4 to examine/to test/to check
tou2 to throw/to send
xi1 rare/infrequent
tang2 (main) hall/large room
liang2 good/very/very much
ya1/ya4 to press/to push down/to keep under (control), in the first place/to crush
xiu1 to decorate/to embellish/to repair/to build/to study/to write/to cultivate
ji2 hurried/worried
chen2 submerge/immerse/sink/deep/profound/to lower/to drop
shu4 tree
wei1 power/might/prestige
jiao3/jue2 a kick/foot/role, role
jing4 still/calm/quiet/not moving
pao3 to run/to escape
she4 radio- (chem.)/shoot
zhou1 continent/island
duan1 end/extremity/item/port/to hold sth. level with both hands/to carry/regular
han2 to keep/to contain
xu4 continue/replenish
qian1 thousand, a swing
yan3 to develop/to evolve/to practice/to perform/to play/to act
qian2 (surname)/coin/money
pan4 to judge/to sentence/to discriminate/to discern
dao3/dao4 to fall/to collapse/to topple/to change/to fail/bankrupt, upset/turn over/to tip/to pour/to go home/to the contrary/inverted
xian3 danger (ous)/rugged
lun2 human relationship
mai4 to sell
ke4 quarter (hour)/(a measure word)/to carve/to engrave/to cut/oppressive
jian3 to check/to examine/to inspect
jin3 tight/nervous/strict
cao3 grass/straw/draft (of a document)/careless/rough/manuscript/hasty
yang2 positive (electric.)/sun
hai4 to do harm to/to cause trouble to/harm/evil/calamity
xing4 lucky, fortunate/lucky
di2 enemy/match
gen1 to follow/to go with/heel/with/and
ya/ya1 (final part.)
dan4/tan2 crossball/bullet/shot/shell/ball, impeach/to pluck a string/to play (a stringed musical instrument with fingers)
jiang1 river
lu:4/lv4 law
po4 to break/to split/broken/damaged/worn out
shou3 to guard
tie3 iron
pang2 beside/one side/other/side/self
fu4 woman
ceng2 a measure word for layers/laminated/repeated/floor/story (of a building)/layer/(math.) sheaf
jing3 to alert/to warn
fu4 to add/to attach/to be close to/to be attached
ma1 ma/mamma
dou3/dou4 Chinese peck, to fight/to battle/to struggle/to incite, fight/incite
yin2 silver
lu:3/lv3 trip/travel
shui4 to sleep
tuo1 to hold in one's hand/to entrust/to support in one's palm, entrust
wan3 evening/night/late
ao4 obscure/mysterious
duan3 lack/short
guai4 queer/to blame
ding3 go against/most/peak/top/to replace/to substitute/a measure word (use with "hat")
fu2 good fortune

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